We’ve got more than 16K readers on this blog alone – coupled with more than 16K followers on Twitter and more than 3K fans on Facebook. That’s one good reason to write for us. If you have a flair for writing on best practices and trends that will help entrepreneurs and freelancers succeed in the online marketplace, we invite you to send in your pitch with your:

Email Address
Proposed Title of Post
100 word (or just 3 sentences) description on what it’s all about
A Link to Your Website
Link to Your Social Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)

and send all of these to:
with the Subject Line: I Want to Be a Guest Blogger

Important:  Do Not Send Us the Entire Copy of Your Post until we send you a reply.
If we like your idea – we will give you a go signal and additional instructions. If we don’t, we’ll still send you a courtesy notice. Due to the volume of requests we get, please allow us 3-5 days to get back to you.

Here’s a snippet of what we’re expecting from our guest writers:

Love for Quality

Wow us with a topic that you think will engage our audience, which means writing:

1. Posts that are not the usual, basic-level blogs written and rewritten a thousand times before

2. Posts that are not published anywhere (yes, even on your site – we’re a bit possessive)

3. Posts where readers will find value (educational, informational, controversial, entertaining)

4. Posts that are not purely promotional or worst, self-promotional

5. Posts that do not infringe on anyone’s copyright or intellectual property right

6. Posts with good structure, coherence and focus

7. Posts that are clean – from grammar to punctuation

8. Posts that are written for humans

9. Posts in English ( even if you’re not a native English speaker )

In Short – You have to be CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE, ORIGINAL, RELEVANT and UNIQUE – someone who loves shaking things up and challenging readers with fresh ideas, while giving your writing some swing. Are you ready to tell a thought-provoking story?

Best of Luck and Happy Writing!

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