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New to Fourerr or just unsure what it is all about? Well don’t worry – this should shed some light! Fourerr was started up in February 2011 and saw phenomenal growth within the first month. Since then, Fourerr has truly flourished and is one of the most popular micro job websites online today.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of micro job websites, it is basically a place for people to buy and sell services or products for a very reasonable price (in this case, four dollars). By signing up to Fourerr, you are joining an online community that is here to buy and sell services.

If you are still confused, let me break it down for you:

A micro job website is a place where you can advertise a service, also known as a ‘gig’. For example you might be a proofreader who wants to offer up your services. By creating a gig that tells buyers that you are offering to proofread their document for $4, you can start making money as soon as someone buys your gig.

Your gig is a constant service that you are offering too; after your first order, more and more people will order your gig meaning that you can make multiple amounts of $4s.

If you are a buyer, Fourerr is a great place for outsourcing your work too. With so many tasks taking up so much of your time, you can pay just $4 for someone else to do those tasks. With so many other micro job sites charging the buyer $5 for services as well, with Fourerr you can save yourself a fantastic 20% (especially great if you are buying multiple gigs).

We currently have 14000 jobs available to buyers, and currently have over 5000 members – a number that grows daily. In fact, month upon month, the growth of members signing up to Fourerr increases by 20%.

Fourerr is here for you to make money or to help you get work done. As a seller, offer your gigs to the Fourerr community and multiple orders for $4 each will soon see you earning a solid income. By improving a consistently good service every time, customers will keep coming back for more, and the feedback left by previous buyers will drive more and more people to your gigs.

As a buyer, spending the occasional $4 to help lighten your workload doesn’t seem that bad does it? You may even find someone who works well who you want to purchase a gig from on a regular basis – a great way of getting help and paying a very cheap price for services that could otherwise be very expensive!

Feel free to browse the site and the blog and look through the types of gigs that are on offer on Fourerr. The categories can range from Business to Silly Stuff, but Fourerr is most importantly here for you.

Used in the right way, wonderful things can happen.

  • IT Enterprise LTD, is a UK registered company since 2001 and is operated by IT Enterprise Ltd. You can contact us at contact [at] fourerr [dot] com
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