5 Things Online Freelancers Should Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

online freelancers thanksgiving

Living the freelance life has many ups and downs— it’s not easy. However, the increasing number of freelancers these days prove only one thing— that there are more reasons to consider freelancing after all!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let us all look back at what online freelancers should be thankful for this year and in the days to come.

1. Invention of the Internet

It’s not the flexibility of time or the exception of travelling from your home to your work station Nope, we believed that the invention of the Internet should be on top of our list.

There is no doubt that the Internet is gradually changing the definition of “work”. Professionals found out that they can work from anywhere using only their computers and an Internet connection. Not only that, even stay at home parents, students, and baby boomers saw a new door opened up for them and the idea of earning online even at the comfort of their homes became more than possible. So, thank you worldwide web!

2. Small Businesses and Startups

Going back to number one, it also opened up new possibilities for business people across the globe. These days, small businesses and startups hire freelancers to do the most daunting tasks for them either on per project or on hourly basis. It resolves their dilemma on how they can maximise their resources and finances. True enough, it saves their company from giving salaries and benefits to their employees. And of course, the effect is vice-versa. Without them, with whom can online freelancers work for? And, again— let’s say thank you, shall we?

3. Online Payment Systems

And how can freelancers not thank these online money transfers? Working on projects at the comfort of their homes is one of the common perks of becoming an online freelancer. But how can they get paid? Especially if their clients are thousands of miles away? This is where online payment system comes in.

As recommended by many freelancers around the world and as what we use here on Fourerr, these are three of our trusted receiving payment platforms:

a. Pay Pal it is considered as one of the fastest, easiest, and most popular options to receive online payments. It charges a nominal fee for every transaction and are very strict with their policies— making it more secured from any fraudulent or suspicious transactions.

b. Escrow- freelancers only begin working after the client has deposited the money into an Escrow account (in our case, Fourerr handles it) for a certain fee. After the microjob is completed, the payment is then released.

c. Skrill/Moneybooker– the same as PayPal, Moneybooker allows you to send and receive funds via bank account, debit card and credit card. It processes payments instantly, without geographical limitations. (This is just an option at Fourerr – if Paypal is not applicable to the seller or buyer. Make sure you contact Fourerr Helpdesk first.)

4. Smart phones and other digital devices

These advanced gadgets justify the term “working from anywhere and anytime”. Gone are the days when you have to sit down in front of your desk top— working. And freelancers, you just have to admit that even in your down time (vacation, sleep, alone time in a rest room), you tend to check on your emails, edit articles, add finishing touches to your work, etc. — these habits become inevitable.

5. Social Media

Online freelancers are spared from FOMO or the fear of missing out through different social media platforms. They can give the much needed breather from working in a virtual set up. And with that, can we all hear you say “Thank you Facebook!, Thank you Twitter! Thank you LinkedIn!” etc.


freelancing thanksgiving

Photo Source: Flickr MGF Customs/Reviews

These things may seem very common and basic in living a freelance life— but guess what, sometimes, we all tend to ignore stuff that are always there. This year, before you get that turkey all set on your dining table, take a pause, appreciate these little things— and give thanks.


About Mylene Dela Cena (9 Articles)
Mylene Dela Cena is a Social Media Manager and Freelance Writer living in the Philippines. She is passionate about working from home, earning online, freelancing, and all things about online gigs. When she’s not writing about these topics at Fourerr, you will see her talking about family, marriage, parenting, and WAHM life on her blog Story Book Mom. In addition to her love of writing, she is also an arts and crafts enthusiast, loves everything DIY and Digital Scrapbook. Connect with her in real time on Twitter @story_book_mom.

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