Microsoft One Drive: How to Save Your Word File Online

Contributor: Eric Sutherland

online file storage

What if you could have one place for everything in your life? That’s just what Microsoft OneDrive promises so you can easily save your files from any device and never have to worry about losing them. Think of it like having an extra USB flash drive that you don’t have to carry around in your pocket.

Microsoft OneDrive is free online storage that comes with your Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Microsoft OneDrive in saving your Word document online:

1. Log in to your or or or accounts.  You may click on the down arrow next to to reach Onedrive and Apps:


2. Now, click on the OneDrive Cloud icon to display its contents:


3. Click on Documents to display the contents of the folder.


4. Next, click on file named Alternating Current file to display its contents.


5. Note that on the Word Online, the blue banner in the middle is the place to enter your file name. Select the file using the mouse to modify the file properties as shown:


The menu choices will be covered in the following steps:

1) Open in Word can only be selected if you have a full version of MS Word on your PC, Laptop or Tablet.

2a) Open in Word Online will cause the file contents to be displayed.


2b) Now in the top left click on EDIT DOCUMENT and select Edit in Word Online.

3) Selecting Download will download a copy of the file on to your machine.

4a) Share / Invite people will display the following form:


You may need to enter their first name to obtain their e-mail or Facebook name in full.

4b) Share / Get a Link


6. Select View only option using the down arrow and click on Create link:


As stated, the link can be copied into an email, blog or web page to get a shortened link:

step6a**Note that both links can also be shared if your social media sites are connected to your email account. It is also possible to create other links for sending to different groups. Click Create another link to select another link option using the drop down arrow.

The FIND feature brings up the box as shown with IBM entered in the FIND box:


7. To enter a COMMENT, open a document and select text. Then click on COMMENTS at the top to display the box on the right. Click New Comment and enter your comment.


8. The Embed feature will allow you to generate the code to enable embedding a copy of the file in a web or blog page:


9. Remove will delete the file.
10. Rename will allow the file name to be changed.
11. Move to will move a copy of the file to one of the existing folders or a new folder. Press Esc key to remove the pop up box:


12. Copy to will copy the file to one of the existing folders or a new folder. Press the Esc key to remove the pop up box.


13. Version History will display the selected files versions on the left


14. The View folder will display the selected file in the folder with a blue border and tick to confirm selection, also at the top, next to the Search box the folder path:


15. Properties will be displayed for the selected file on the right column. It is also possible to add a description of the file, to Share the file with both View and Edit links.


**  Clear selection will clear selection of the chosen file.

16. To open a file, select a file using Files or Recent docs, then use the Open down arrow to Open in Word Online.


17. Use Edit document to edit with Word Online and then select Home for features.


18.   Select INSERT features


19.  Select PAGE LAYOUT features


20. Select REVIEW features, allows selection of the proofing language.


21. Select VIEW features, the Reading View is the non-edit view.


22. Select File to display features and recent documents, as shown below:


**Select File and Open allows a recent file listed or another on OneDrive to be opened as well.

23. Select File and Info to open the first file listed in Word, or to display Previous Versions.


24. Select file and New gives access to templates or a blank document.


25. To Save File – Select File and Save As to download a copy or download as PDF file.


26.To Print File –  Select File and Print the displayed file using the options, as shown:


27. To Share File – Select File and Share to share with people or paste an embedded copy on a Web or Blog page.


28. To Learn More About Microsoft, their Terms of Use, and Privacy and Cookies Policy – You may Select File and click on About.


View Microsoft OneDrive FAQ

29. For HELP – Select File and click on Help to access Microsoft’s support function or to give feedback.


Getting started with OneDrive is easy and convenient for anyone who wants a backup set up and saved automatically – which is great for freelancers and those running their home-based business.


About the Author:  Eric Sutherland has over 20 years of IT experience in support, quality, training and writing roles, and worked throughout Western Europe and across  the USA. Since  February 1998, he is working as a MS System Builder/Beta Tester.


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