Feature Story: The Code of Josh

We’re not done yet! The best stories are unfolding and it’s that time once more to share with you another episode of ordinary people doing the extraordinary. When passion is a bigger part of the equation, success is all too sweet. This week, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting Josh Raen – a multi-talented web developer, designer, programmer, and writer from the UK (North East of England, specifically).  From machine to human language, nothing will stand in his way to achieving the best of both worlds.

Check Josh on Fourerr HERE

Q1: Who is Josh?

I am from the UK and I setup Josh Raen so that I could work from home on freelance projects, blogging, microjobs and other things. I started programming websites for myself five (5) years ago and have developed my skills a lot. Since then, I’ve been working with game and software development.


Q2: What Keeps Josh Busy?

I spend a lot of time working with this ‘being’ my business, so I take it seriously and hope to incorporate Fourerr and other microjob websites into my daily life once I build up my name. Working would be replying to potential clients, developing websites, and fixing people’s problems. I’m also starting to work on other sites such as Udemy where I plan on making courses to help others with programming and other skills. Aside from working, I go to the Gym everyday and I enjoy going out with friends and family. Working for myself makes it easy to take time and go out when I feel like it. I can email a client or check if someone has sent me a message on a site like Freelancer or Fourerr on my phone.

Q3: What Makes Josh a Good Developer?

People often ask me for help with things like computers and technology; I’m the guy the family come to when something’s not working. I taught myself everything that I know. I remember when I got my first PC when I was 8 years old and played around with it, but also started to get an understanding of components and software at a young age. Technology comes easy to me and I enjoy it. When I started programming, I started with HTML and CSS. I remember when I made my first site and the feeling that you actually made it. After that I looked into other languages such as PHP, SQL, Python, C++ and Java (among others) and I have a passion for learning and programming. What makes me a good developer aside from knowing about all the languages and how things work is that — I enjoy doing it.

Q4: What Makes You Capable of Proofreading?

"proofreading"I believe that I am capable of proofreading and writing on Fourerr because I am a well-educated English person. I went to college after I finished school and passed English at both. I know what people want and I am experienced in both fields.

Q5: How Did You Hear About Fourerr?

I heard about Fourerr from a blog post that was talking about the best sites to work online. I was busy finding things like Freelancer and Fiverr.. and Fourerr was one of the highest-rated, so I signed up and have started to post jobs of my own.

Q6: What’s Your Secret to Getting More Clients?

My promise to my clients is that I will always make sure that they are 100% happy. I have always had this promise and I always will – because when you’re ordering things online and you’re not happy with a service, then it breaks the trust in the person and the site. I always like to make sure that clients are happy. This means that if they ever need anything, or their friends/colleagues need anything then, they know that they can trust me. Even if this means I have to put in extra hours and extra work, then I will.

Q7: Do You Have Any Tips for Fourerr Sellers?

"fourerr tips"

My tips for other sellers are:

  • Offer services that you know you can supply
  • Make sure your clients are left satisfied
  • Provide a detailed description of the job with a perfect image
  • Following these 3 tips.. Clients will be happy and you will attract a few more sales!


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