Freelancing: Is it a Trick or a Treat?

Freelancing Is It A Trick Or A Treat

Freelancing may be a household terminology these days, but you will get a different point of view about it based on every freelancer’s experiences. If you would go back to our Beauty and Madness of Freelancing Infographic— you will get the idea straight to the point. Since there are only few more days till Halloween and we have an on going Monster Ball Contest—  let’s talk about freelancing before children knock on your doors for some Trick or Treat, shall we?

The Tricks and Treats of Freelancing

1. “I’m the boss!”— admit it, you feel the sense of authority and personal power when you say that. Why not? You have the freedom to work on your own schedule, wherever it takes you, and in the way that you want to. Sweet treat, right? Here comes the trick. You are accountable for all your actions. Important aspects of freelancing must be carefully looked after by yourself if you want to succeed.

2. You declare your own working hours and ditching that 9-5 rule feels great, doesn’t it? Why do people have to start working by nine in the morning anyway? Freelancers can start working earlier or even later if they want to. What a treat! Uhm.. but it is a different story when you have to work on weekends just because you had so much fun partying the other night or you got too engrossed with your child that afternoon when you were supposed to be working. Bummer.

3. Earn a little or as much as you want, but naturally the latter sounds better. If you can handle two or more clients at the same time, then go for it. You don’t have to live on the same pay check every month, just make sure you have set your monthly earning goals. Rewarding! But wait, what about your taxes? Like what we’ve said in #2, you are on your own so you also have to deal with gruesome taxing procedures. Good luck!

4. Unlimited earning possibilities. And it all depends on your skills, capability, and time management. Working on multiple micro jobs at Fourerr simply means you have more earnings coming your way. Caching! Caching! But you have to hustle You need to customise your cover letter when applying for different clients. You have to hone your skills in order to come up with fresh designs. Have your digital portfolio updated. And the list goes on and on. A bit crappy, eh?

Freelancing will never be this popular if people will all act as scaredy-cats. Aim for success. Remember, it is up to you if you will choose to be tricked or be treated.


Happy Halloween!  You’ve got a few more days to have your answer counted in… before the stroke of midnight.

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