10 Best Selling Micro Jobs on Fourerr for September 2014

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If you’re new to Fourerr and don’t know just which micro job to sell so you can start earning, take inspiration from our top ten list of the most wanted services bought on our site last month.  Please feel free to check these out so you can take some notes on how you can present your micro jobs to potential buyers out there.  Who knows?  Your job may be featured on our top ten list next time!

WitPro will Upgrade Your Dropbox Account To 22 Gb for $4


cuongcuong93 will Teach You Rank Your Youtube Videos On The First Page… for $4


ncadesign will Design STAND OUT and Professional Headers in less 24 hours for $4


flintoff will Give U Youtube Trick “How To Easily Create Passive Income… for $4


Elplanto will Do Web Research, Analysis,Online Data Collection For You for $4


Fawadyk will design 3 VECTOR Logo with Unlimited Revision for $5


bajishaik4u will Do Professional Logo Design for $5


Okashy will Draw For You A Portrait In My Manga Style for $4


adityaraje1990 will write an article up to 1500 words for $5


srirad0675 will write a 400 word article for you for $4

… and if you’re still unsure what micro jobs are, you only have to read our recent post on:  How to Earn More With Micro Jobs Than With Freelance Jobs

Happy Selling!


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