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At Fourerr, we are getting to know our users better each day in their journey to doing the work they love. Talent is just part of the equation; it’s passion that drives these ordinary individuals into doing the extraordinary. This week, we’ve had the pleasure to introduce to you Matt O’Keefe – a gifted musician, singer and songwriter who loves to stir the power of sound with a dash of of ‘appassionato’ up his sleeve.

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Q1: How passionate are you about music?

My passion for music & audio has always consumed me. If it didn’t seem crazy, I would sing the conversations that I have with people all day while accompanied by my Taylor Guitar. I was always compelled to make music a part of my life.

Credit: Matt OK Music

Credit: Matt OK Music

Q2: When did you start learning about your craft?

I started teaching myself how to play on an old beat up acoustic guitar when I was nine years old. I remember how hard it was for me to squeeze the string down onto the fret-board. Once I got the hang of it, I just kept going and after lots of practice, I was coming into my own.

At thirteen, I added singing /songwriting to my arsenal, which almost came more naturally to me than my guitar work did. No matter what I wanted to improve, I knew it would help me make a profession out of music.

Q3: What’s that unforgettable moment in your journey towards becoming an artist?

I remember saving up my lunch money every day so that I could buy a PA system and a microphone. It took me two years. I believe that’s a whole new level to the term “starving artist”. I used the PA as much as I could so I could figure out how to make it sound as good as possible. Once I was confident about my knowledge of the PA, I was ready to put it to use. I found my first performance gig at a small restaurant in New Jersey. That day before the gig, I conjured up enough nervous energy to power NYC for 3 days – but I knew I had to get through it. I’m glad I did because now, I remember it as my first experience with live audio. I was an audiophile in the making.

Q4: How did you improve your skills?

I was able to work with music from the Arts & Entertainment perspective early on in life, but I still felt the need to learn. I deepened my knowledge by attending a technical school. As far as experience goes, audio school really helped me check a lot off of my list. I frequently searched for any internship that I could get my hands on, as I was hungry to learn.

NBS Video Project Credit: Matt OK Music

NBS Video Project
Credit: Matt OK Music

Q5: What works have you done so far?

For the past seven years, I have done a variety of work in field recording/editing for short films and commercials. I have also recorded and mixed a plethora of genres from acoustic, hip-hop to metal; written many songs, and built songs from the ground up just based off of the ideas of the artists. I have been the main recording engineer for an entire album and written music to lyrics; and recorded the final piece using multiple instruments. I still provide these services today and you can request a job from me on Fourerr.

Q6: What advice would you give to others who aspires to follow your footsteps?

Whatever job I do, I make sure that I immerse myself in the project, 101%. I believe that there is no other way to make it a success. That would be my number one tip for people who are starting to make a living in the music business.

My only other tip is to be honest with your clients. Remember, you’re the professional and they are coming to you for help. So, if you’re working with any of your clients’ pre-existing content and you noticed something that may be a problem (this applies to either how it would affect your work process or how the clients’ content will affect the final product), bring it to their attention… before you get anything started. Keep in mind that you should word it carefully because some people could take it the wrong way.


Matt Will Be Your Audio Engineer & Studio Musician for $10 on Fourerr

@The National Underground Credit: Matt OK Music

@The National Underground
Credit: Matt OK Music


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