Feature Story: Adventures of Nancy

fourerr feature story

It’s that day of the week once more for us to feature a Fourerr user that’s a cut above the rest. Meet Nancy Macdonald (or NancyMac), your dedicated virtual assistant who’s happy to go the extra mile just to get your job done right.

Check her out on Fourerr HERE

Q1: How Long Have You Been Working from Home?

I worked from home 40 years ago… even before working from home was something that you could do or was even possible in most people’s views, or something an employer will consider in hiring a person not working directly in his office.

Q2: How Did You Start?

I’ve worked in marketing for a salesman to make appointments for a product, with a page from a telephone book and a black dialer phone. That’s when my work career started. I would call an area in the morning and set up appointments, check in with the boss on his next appointment, take messages from clients. This was back in the day when there were no computers, cell phones, texting or tablets. From home, I have been the voice people have heard for over 40 years. I have never been without a job in my working career to this day.

Q3: Why Virtual Assistance?

It is very interesting waking up in the morning with new projects to complete from countries around the globe. It could be record a story or voice greeting, to teach English as a Second language to a student, complete inbound or out bound calls to represent a company, and to speak on their behalf about their product or service. Recording data and emails for a business person needing to be updated on his clients and their needs, keeping him on track. The list is so huge what a person is now able to do working from home in a telecommute or a remote office.  With the internet and computer, you can work anywhere so long as you have a connection.

virtual assistantQ4: What Drives You to Excel Each Day?

I have enjoyed my adventures and it has been a learning curve for me. I would love to share the knowledge from my experiences of working with other cultures and teaching skills to anyone. I enjoy giving back to my community, and the teachers and mentors who have taken the time to teach me . I have had several great teachers that have inspired me, to reach and keep exploring life, to see the wonder of life through a child’s eyes, gives you a gift. For me, all parts of life are wonderful and an adventure.


Q5: What Is It that You Love About Fourerr?

I enjoy my positions, projects and working on multiple websites. Fourerr offers a global network of positions that is fantastic for both the buyer needing a job completed or a seller wishing to offer services to clients. You are protected by the website that the jobs offered are legal and not a scam; your payment is protected which is very important in working online.

Q6:  Any Words of Wisdom to Share?

To be a good teacher, first, you must learn to be a good student.. to listen, learn and ask questions as no question is ever too dumb or silly if you do not know the answer.

You must also know the audience that you are going to be speaking with – their skills and ability. You never ever talk down to a student. Your observation will quickly give you the right keys to the ability of your mentee.



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