Feature Story: A Rendezvous With Red

fourerr featured seller

Starting this month, we’re on the hunt for a Fourerr profile that simply stands out.. and so we did. We would like you to meet Red, a writer and editor who fell totally in love with working online and hopes to become an entrepreneur one day – working whenever, however, and wherever.

Check him out on Fourerr HERE

Q1: Tell Us More About Yourself

“I graduated from Syracuse University, from their Writing and Rhetoric Program in spring of 2013. I have been featured in Intertext magazine for my creative nonfiction narrative about coming out as a transman, I have had articles in The Jamestown Press, and have written for a few other sources.”

Q2: Why Fourerr?

“I chose to use Fourerr because your platform looked more open. One of my favorite things is that, unlike on some other sites, I do not need to say “exclusively on Fourerr” in my videos or anything. I am trying to build up a client base and work towards my career goals, and the reality is that I need to use multiple platforms to reach the maximum number of clients. Fourerr seems more conscious of that. I actually put more work into my Fourerr profile than I did on other sites because I was so pleased with that, and the fact that you offer incentives. I really like the coin system. It seems like a great way to get to try out other people’s services for a reduced or free price; I believe that builds community.”

red 2

Q3: What’s Your Dream Job?

“My ideal career is to have my own business, choose my own hours, and work from wherever I want. With Fourerr and other similar sites, this has become a reality for me much more quickly than if I had done this kind of work offline. I greatly appreciate that, and last week was actually able to quit my day job. I am only 23 years old– How many other people my age are able to be their own bosses?”

Q4: What’s Your No.1 Goal Right Now?

“I hope to be a published author, and am working on both a novel and ebook. The ebook is going to be a better version of my essay guide.”

Q5: What’s Your Idea of Fun When You’re Not Busy Working?

“I love reading, writing, video games, and playing with my two dogs.”

Q6: Final Words?

“I look forward to seeing new work and content everyday, and hope I can continue to do this work all my life.”



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