Fourerr’s Top Users for the Month of August: Microtastic!

Fourerr Top Sellers

These micro jobbers rock’d Fourerr’s world once again by giving it all out in the name of customer satisfaction.  And now, they deserve our mention and gratitude for delivering a job done right. Cheers!

Top 10 Sellers – Ratings & Feedback

You’re right on Fourerr’s spotlight because you know what it is to keep your client’s satisfied! Drum roll…

(p.s. Use the space bar or arrow keys to navigate through the presentations below)

Cuongcuong93 – visit user story HERE
Bizopp – visit user story HERE
Sweetkicker – visit user story HERE
Imranbds007 – visit user story HERE
Raowaleedahmad – visit user story HERE
AdultLink – visit user story HERE
Tampan – visit user story HERE
Fawadyk – visit user story HERE
SitrusUK – visit user story HERE
Danish1658 – visit user story HERE
Ncadesign – visit user story HERE
Witpro – visit user story HERE

Top 10 Sellers with the Most Number of Micro Jobs Sold:

Tampan – View Profile HERE
Fawadyk – View Profile HERE
Sweetkicker – View Profile HERE
FourerrGigs – View Profile HERE
Alvinlah – View Profile HERE
Bizopp – View Profile HERE
Cuongcuong93 – View Profile HERE
Crunchy – View Profile HERE
Ncadesign– View Profile HERE
Witpro – View Profile HERE

Honorable Mentions:

Danish1658 – View Profile HERE
Frazgta – View Profile HERE
AdultLink – View Profile HERE
Nishat5pk – View Profile HERE
Imranbds007 – View Profile HERE
Pawijan – View Profile HERE
Srirad0675 – View Profile HERE 

Who will make it to our top list next month? It can be YOU..

Move your way to the top while you EARN MORE Rewards!

Team Fourerr

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