Are You Ready to Get More Work Done for Less Time?

Beating the Work-at-Home blues can be tough when you have free reins over your time. How many times have you wondered why you seem to be working more hours freelancing than you ever did when you were a corporate zombie? Being your own boss has its ups and downs. One of the major perks is not having to deal with stressful, daily commutes. Your power dressing days are over as you juggle work and hustle all the same in your snug-fit pajamas and super soft bedroom slippers.

Work-Life Balance: The Struggle is REAL!

I love it when Stephen came up with this simple hack to get you all fired up: 8 Essentials to Get the Most Out of Working From Home. Trust me, when you’re working solo at almost 16 hours in a day, you can get easily distracted and demotivated. The boundaries between work and play seems to vanish as home is where the business is. So, what did I particularly like about his tip? Start each day like you’re going to work.

"time management"

Seriously, you’ve got to take care of yourself. Dress up even when you’re doing a video call on Skype. Have a healthy serving. Smell good. Exercise. When you feel this good about yourself, you’d be surprised just how that positive vibe translates into better performance. It’s like a domino effect. Happy You = Happy Clients.

Freelancers, Are You Doing Less for More?

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the 4-hour work week to give you more time that matters most to your life. This is not new, but in case you’re curious, here’s a video:

One thing that worked for me in freeing up my time is to outsource those small and tedious tasks. Luckily, at Fourerr, you can bag coins that you can use to buy services which means less paperwork for you (and a thousand other things).

Your Success Starts With Awareness

How have you been managing your time lately? In our eBook giveaway, The Ultimate Handbook for Service Buyers and Sellers , we’ve shared with you 50 free resources which include time and project management tools. The only way to stop wasting your time is to be aware of your habits. Are you spending more time checking out Facebook? Playing online games? Be mindful of these and keep a log for tracking.

One of the biggest hurdles to your success is… YOU. Take inspiration from Stephen Covey so you can get smart about how you spend time. Set reasonable expectations. Better yet, define your carrot stick – that ultimate reward you promise to give yourself when you complete a certain task.

“Time Management is really a misnomer – the challenge is not to manage time, but to manage ourselves.” – Stephen R. Covey

Think about it. Having a steady stream of freelance jobs shouldn’t eat up your time either when you follow these tips. And when you do, you’d be surprised about having all those free time to do the fun stuff or learn something new.

Life is not picture perfect and things do get out of balance. When you do, relax. Set reasonable goals, stop procrastinating and stick to your schedules. Find your ‘happy place’ amidst all the uncertainties that freelancing can bring.

What inspires you?

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