Insights: Humanizing the Online Jobs Marketplace

fourerr better marketplace

Back in the old days when people are driven by human interaction in making decisions about who to hire for the job, online marketplaces today makes the “tedious” task almost obsolete with automating the entire process in what we can only dub as prospecting ala fast food lane.

But, what do we sacrifice in the name of speed? Simple. Human connection. The tie that binds us to trust and commmit to more than what is expected of us. No matter how advanced technology has become, we will always crave for that connection that makes us  all human. Think about it…


At Fourerr, we’re re-humanizing the way service buyers and sellers do business, and make the experience funner (and rewarding) too. Now, you know why we even give out rewards for you to drop by in our online community just to say hi and more…

Are you one  of us?  Join Us Today!


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