10 FREE Video Apps to Spice Up your Freelancer Profile

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Hiring freelancers online is not all about a matter of choice but more on a matter of TRUST.  How do you make your freelancer’s profile stand out among the rest? How do you convince clients to choose you? How do you build trust? Simple. Show them what you’ve got with video profiles!

So, you’ve got a photo of you on your profile— that’s good. An organised portfolio— great. But most freelancers have it on their profile too! How about— a short video on your public profile? Brilliant! Videos are perfect gateway to showcase more of your personality and proficiency in speaking and conveying thoughts to prospective clients. In this way, you do not only build trust, but you also increase your chances of getting more jobs.

Freelancers Profile Video

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In this digital age, where most people are sleeping and waking up with their smartphones, taking high definition videos come in handy. Freelancers can easily get it from their pockets and create pretty awesome profile videos. We took the initiative to search for several FREE video apps that could spice up freelancers profile and they are as follows:

1. YouTube 

Who would not know this famous app, right? YouTube allows billions of people discover, watch and share originally-created videos. It is also easy to embed YouTube videos to any site and other social media platforms.

2. Vimeo

Upload, edit, manage, and watch your videos right on your iPhone! Another thing about this app is that it got tons of great videos that you could easily search based on your interest. Finding inspiration on how you would like your profile video to come out is easy.

3. Magisto Magical Video Editor

This app can turn your phone into the smartest video camera ever! Record a plain video of yourself and Magisto can turn it into a beautifully edited and produced movie automatically. It takes pride of using unprecedented Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse and understand your plain videos and then turns it into something awesome. Prospective clients will surely take note of how professional your profile video is.

4. Socialcam Video Camera

The easiest way to capture, share and view your profile video on your smartphone. This app also allows vintage video filters, be able to add custom titles, and even soundtrack! Say goodbye to boring videos!

5. Highlightcam Social Video Editor 

It is a new awesome app that turns your photo and video into amazing high quality profile video. Perhaps, you can try adding some photos of your recent design into your profile video.  Be creative.

6. Klip Video Sharing

What we liked best on this app is that the profile videos created can be easily shared on Facebook, on Twitter, via email, via SMS, or syndicate a video to YouTube! There is really no reason why you could not include a video to your profile.

7. Videolicious 

Using this app, you can instantly combine your profile video along with some photos, music and stories and turn it into a stunning masterpiece. Its talk and tap to create video integration is something to look forward to.

8. Coach My Video

An app that provides immediate, on the spot coaching! A real-time video instruction that let’s you instantly review, analyse, and mark-up video to maximize the value of every coachable moment!

9. Viddy

This app is a simple way to capture, edit, and share beautiful 30-second social videos, photos and collages. Imagine how you can make yourself “sale-able” in a matter of 30 seconds!

10. Green Screen Mobile

This app uses a special effect known as Chroma Key to replace a standard green screen with a variety of images. Most importantly your voice will be synced with the video allowing you to use it in other editing software or share on the fly.


Integrating a professional video to your Fourerr freelancer’s profile is a great way to convey your work experiences and boost your profile’s trust factor. Not only that, it can also earn you points and profile completeness badges which gives you a competitive edge over other applicants!


Do you know other video apps aside from the ones mentioned on this post? Come on, share it on the comment section!

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