Fourerr Rewards: Because You Truly Deserve More

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This past few months had been the busiest for us as we strive hard, working round the clock, to bring you an online jobs marketplace that’s more than the usual.  True to our goal of helping sellers and buyers get the best of small jobs to achieve big results — comes an innovation in the freelance marketplace.  Dubbed as first-of-its-kind, we make buying or selling services simply more rewarding… with Fourerr Rewards.

What Exactly is Fourerr Rewards?

As you may have already seen on our homepage, Fourerr is all about helping you find more ways to Earn more, Do more, so you can Be more. That’s our inspiration. We know what it has been like, and some of you have been patronizing freelancing sites for years and using it only as a virtual meetup for transactions and purchases. Nothing more.  July 24th marked the date when we changed all that!

We are breaking this cycle with the introduction of four levels that anyone can achieve, badges that you can brag (to boost trust), and coins which you can use to buy or feature jobs on the site.

buy sell earn rewards

We know it’s a lot to take right now — so please feel free to explore and ask us if you’ve got any questions.  Just keep in mind that the levels, badges and coins you earn will totally depend on you.  You can go from being a Greenhorn, an Adventurer, a Specialist to being a Fourerr Expert – no matter how much you’re selling or buying on the site.  These are the four levels that we will discuss in depth in the coming days.

For Every Action Comes an Equal and Opposite Reaction – Sir Isaac Newton

The more you improve your profile, the more you buy or sell, the more you deliver quality work, and the more you participate in our online community forums – the better you’ll be (business-wise and earning-wise).

Best of all, you get to bag those points (Coins) and exchange 100 for a dollar.  Invite your friends to sign up and give them the best gift you can ever give, plus, an instant 50 points for them and 10 points for you.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

For more details on the latest coin system, you may visit:


p.s. We’re not done yet…

More Rewards are Coming



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