Freelancing Mystery: Why People Are Crazy About It

why freelancing

why freelancingThe last thing you want in these ‘uncertain times’, as many would call it, is to take more risks – especially when it concerns your very own means of living. So, why do people still do it? Why are the number of freelancers rise each year? And, how on Earth could many still choose to freelance no matter how the odds seem to work against them? Call freelancers what you like and they’re certainly not some dare devil pushed out by dire circumstances from the plane of security, plummeting hundreds of feet to their career’s demise – minus the reserve chute on their packs.

Give Me Liberty…

‘Or give me my early resignation notice!’, says a former corporate slave. In times when even big businesses close its doors and say goodbye, freelancing somehow is a comfort that offers lots of lucrative alternative for the bold and daring. Sure enough, it comes with its usual challenges, but it also comes with an opportunity to grow and build a stronger network. Enough said..

Just check out these stats to see why many are raving about freelancing (You can probably relate to this):

Courtesy of: Fourerr


Do you love freelancing?  Tell us about it!

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