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work-from-home-jobsStay at home mom? Stay at home dad? Want to be a work at home mom (or dad)?  Thanks to the power of the Internet today, working from home is no longer a gimmick: it’s the real deal. Thousands of people – from Etsy to freelancing marketplaces such as Fourerr – are cashing in on this tidal wave of working remotely. Even if you can’t knit a doily or produce hard goods for sale at places like eBay or Etsy, you can still make a living for your family and help cover some of the bills or save for your dreams (vacation, new car, house downpayment) by working online.

Once upon a time, working online was a tad shady. You’d work – and there’d be no guarantee you’d get paid. As fast as the Internet progresses, so too does the way we work. Thanks to Skype, Google Docs and all sorts of other amazing productivity apps – it’s easy to do real work from home. You can write. You can design. You help with marketing. The virtual world is, literally, your oyster. Just open it up and start enjoying the true cash benefits you can bring to your family.

How can you get started and skyrocket your home earning potential?

Here’s a list of great ways to monetize talents you already have!

1. At Home Jobs For Search Engine Geeks
Are you a pro at SEO? Guess what – SEO is kind of a big deal to most companies today – and your skills are needed! If you’re a real whiz with keywords, companies need people just like you to assist in helping them reach the top of the highly competitive search engine ranks. Consider leveraging your SEO know-how and cash in!

2. At Home Jobs for Web Designers
Are you a pro-coder? A Van Gogh with HTML? Startups are starting up by the thousands – and they need real artists to deliver them quality websites for affordable rates. Don’t let your amazing coding skills sit idle – put them to use. On Fourerr, you can set the price per service offered – and include add-on fees for special customizations.

3. At Home Jobs for Writers
Believe it or not, the myth of the starving writer is over! Writers are in huge demand – from blog writing to press releases – companies need wordsmiths. Do you have a way with words? It’s time to start making money from your talents. Whether you’re amazing at creating catchy slogans or putting together a winning press release, consider how you can offer your services (at Fourerr, we offer lots of guidance on how to get started marketing your skills).

4. At Home Jobs for Visual Artists
Are you a talented visual artist or cartoonist? You can leverage your skills and fill up your wallet while having fun while you’re doing it. Companies need talented artists like you to create interesting visual content to share across social media and on their web pages. You may even find yourself designing custom wedding invitations and comic books. Amazing, right?

5. At Home Jobs for Marketing Strategists
Are you a pro at marketing ideas? Do you know how to come up with winning strategies that convert visitors to real sales? Companies want YOU to help them refine, build and design their marketing plans. Post your services on Fourerr to get started.

6. At Home Jobs For Video Editors 
Are you a spectacular video editor? As web content goes more audio/visual, there’s a lot more need for expert video editors. Start using your editing chops and making money doing it. Market your services on Fourerr and start developing a steady client base while building up your resume.

7. At Home Jobs For Branding Pros
Are you great at coming up with business names? Guess what: there’s a market for that! Not everyone is creative as you are – and companies out there need help brainstorming the perfect business name that will  present them in the best light possible. Consider marketing yourself as a “Company Name and Brander” on Fourerr – you set the price!

8. At Home Jobs For Researchers
Grad student? Internet Junkie? Fourerr has lots of jobs for people just like you. Companies make many of their decisions based on data – and they need to get it fast. If you’re good at researching, market yourself as a research pro. Set a fair price for your services and start making bank based on your magical Google skills.

9.  At Home Jobs for Graphic Designers
Are you an amazing graphic designer? Guess what – your services are very much in need. Forget print: the web gobbles up graphics like there’s no tomorrow. Whether you excel at logos, or more detailed projects, create a list of what you’re best at and start selling your services – while watching the money roll in.

10. At Home Jobs For Social Media Managers
On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all day long? Start leveraging your time by working for companies that need people with social know how. Offer your services – from building up accounts to creating content – to companies looking for people just like you.

Key Takeaway
The economy has been rough – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think outside the box (or the cubicle). Find ways to monetize your talents – and go for it. When you sign up with Fourerr (for free, by the way), we provide you with the tools you need to get going fast. Why not take a chance and see what happens – to your career (and your bank account!)….

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