New Feature: Fourerr-1-Click

Proudly we are presenting a new feature that will make life as a buyer much easier.
We realised that when buying a Micro Job with PayPal it was always necessary to go through the PayPal checkout process, over and over again.
This is now a thing of the past!

How does it work?

You setup Fourerr 1-click. This is as simple as signing in to Fourerr, go to your settings, click on Enable Fourerr-1-Click and accept the PayPal confirmation pages.
Fourerr-1-Click Setup

Fourerr-1-Click Setup

That’s it, damn quick, easy and straight forward.
Next time around when you purchase a Micro Job on Fourerr, click the green Fourerr-1-Click button and the payment happens automatically in the background.
Why waste time when you too can do it in one-click? 
Is your purchase just One-Click away?
  • Fourerr-1-Click is a product fully approved by PayPal.

4 Comments on New Feature: Fourerr-1-Click

  1. I dont know what the problem is. I tried to order 2 more jobs and when I went to pay it said that paypal was down or something to that effect. Is there another way to pay?

  2. Wayne Reynolds // July 13, 2014 at 6:09 pm // Reply

    Can I STILL pay you the old way….order 1 item and pay for it afterwards?

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