New Feature: Earn More … It’s no longer $4!

Sellers can now Earn up to $700 for each Micro Job sold.

Since the introduction of Fourerr, we took pride that we were the biggest $4 online marketplace that specialized in delivering affordable, task-based Micro Jobs.

Since recently, we have taken a complete turn for people offering Micro Jobs that are not only against our Terms And Conditions, but also  against other websites Terms and Conditions.  You can read more HERE.


We are building up, together with you, a brand and a place that we are all proud of – an online marketplace where you can buy and sell quality Micro Jobs that are 100% trustworthy.

Change is Here…

What’s new this time?  When providing Micro Jobs that require real professional skills, craft work, highly productive and trustworthy outsourcing talents — our users should have the option to set the right price for their service.

Therefore, we have decided to allow sellers to set a price range from $4 up to $25 for each Micro Job they have to offer. After all, they are the skilled persons who know the best value of what they are bringing to you, as a buyer.

Creating a New Micro Job

Creating a New Micro Job

How Can You Maximize Your Fourerr Earning Potential?

If a buyer buys your Micro Job 25 times at a maximum price of $25 and add 3 extra gigs up to $25 each, then your Micro Job could be worth $700.

Check out this new feature now to boost your earning potential.

Wishing you all the best!

(and more good news to come… Stay Tuned)

5 Comments on New Feature: Earn More … It’s no longer $4!

  1. Hello, we are certainly looking into this. Keep a close eye on our site and we might surprise you soon!

  2. I wish if fourerr make an agreement with payoneer to offer the seller to withdraw his earnings to his payoneer card. Payoneer is a great way to withdraw earning .

  3. ssquaretech // July 9, 2014 at 8:16 am // Reply

    Am hoping to start making sales soon.

  4. Marv Webster // June 23, 2014 at 9:50 am // Reply

    Awesome…..Thumbs up…..

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