Father Knows Best: Time, The Best Gift A Father Can Get

dads who work from home

There are a whole bunch of articles circling around the Internet on what to get dad this Father’s Day. Ties? Tie racks? Golf clubs? Soap on a rope? A back massage? The endless array of dad-geared products could go on forever. Yikes. Product overload! Fourerr says this year: keep it simple.


At Fourerr, we’d like to take it a step back. We’d like to make things a bit more simple. We’d like to make a declaration: time is the absolute best gift you can give any dad on Father’s Day. Dads work hard all day, all year to ensure their families’ success (not that moms don’t, but today’s post is all about fathers). The best gift, in our opinion, that you can give a dad? Time. Simple, sweet and crucial. Finding ways to save time, whether it’s using Fourerr’s amazing time or one of those hilarious Dad Hacks that keep hitting sites like Buzzfeed – mean the world to overworked, overtired dads.

For today’s very special Father’s Day post, we’ve interviewed some key Dad players on their thoughts on both time – and on special Dad hacks that deliver dads more precious time (aside from just using Fourerr, of course). We asked what they thought about time and fatherhood – oh, and we also asked for any and all time-saving tips they cared to share….Interviewing everyone from our own CEO to professional bloggers and photographers who work from home, we got some pretty compelling responses and we are very excited to share them with you on this day that is all about celebrating dads.

Happy Father’s Day From All Of Us At Fourerr!

 Colby S. Days of A Domestic Dad

colby-dad-bloggerWhat Does Time Mean To You?

Time is the key to everything. How I manage my time depends on how much work I get done, to play, and time to spend with the ones that matter most, Family!..

What Tips Do You Have For Other Dads On Saving Time?

I proportion breakfast cereal for the kids to make there cereal in the morning. One less thing for me to do, is feed the kids!

 Robert L. Ask A Great Dad 

daddy-blogger-tipsWhat Does Time Mean To You?

Time with my kids is the most important factor in my life. A little more than a month after the birth of my son (child #2), I decided to leave the high paced retail management industry to become a Full time dad. The time with my kids over the past year & a half have been the most rewarding of my entire life. It hasn’t been easy, & I share a lot of the same fears any parent goes through when making sacrifices to a career, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I have been able to see all the special moments that come with raising children, and you cannot put a price on those memories. In order to maximize my time with the kids, I try to do all my blogging during the later evening hours, and have cut back on the amount of posts I do each week to have more time for my children. I have their outfits for the morning picked out beforehand & try to get their breakfast cooked/prepared before they wake up. The kids & family are my number one priority and everything else is secondary to that.

What Tips Do You Have For Other Dads On Saving Time?

Whenever we are leaving the house it can get time consuming. The kids don’t have any shoes with laces or complicated straps. I will tell my daughter I need help in the bathroom in order to get her on the potty without a big to do. If you ask if she has to go she will just say, no I’m fine & refuse. I like to have snacks packed & cups filled in advance to leaving. My sons diaper gets changed right before we leave. These always help save time leaving the house. Dad showers during nap times. If the kids don’t nap, this guy doesn’t shower until my wife gets home from work.

 Michael C. Like A Dad

What Does Time Mean To You?

father-blogger-tipsTime is the most valuable currency I have to manage. I want my kids to have it all and that includes involved parents. But we have to work. That’s life. So, when I am not working, I am spending as much time as possible with my boys. Breakfast, dinner, going for walks, playing with toys and just being silly. Blogging, well that is hard to fit in, but I love doing it, so I find time. Balancing it all is a challenge, but we make it work. You sacrifice seeing friends, going out and doing the things you love to do in your free time. You need to carve out your place at a job that has an understanding of the importance of family. It can be done. So many of us do it. We do it because our kids our at the top of the priority list. Parenting is a challenge, but it is also a great deal of fun and provides a true sense of pride and accomplishment.

What Tips Do You Have For Other Dads On Saving Time?

To help save time or at least find more time for myself, I have been known to ignore the boys when they wake up from naps hoping they just go back to sleep. I let them wrestle with the door closed while I just sit and veg out. I have watched shows that are not really kid friendly, while the kids sit there and look annoyed. Game of Thrones for example. Overall, I try my best to keep the boys on my schedule, rather than let them dictate it. Some days are easier than others, but at the end of the day, I like to think I am the one in charge. I also get the boys involved in house chores. Sweeping, collecting laundry and cleaning up toys can really free up some time if you get the kids to do it for you.

Paul B, Paul Robert Berman

What Does Time Mean To You?

dad-blogger-tips-make-moneyAs a self-employed businessman (I am an in-demand lifestyle and wedding photographer) , it’s difficult to find the right balance between providing for my family and ensuring my business has the sustainability we need. It’s a balance beam – and one I’m happy to walk for my beautiful family. My approach to time management is simple – and it’s working for us. Here you go: find the rhythm that works for you and really listen. Integrate that rhythm into everything you do, as a dad, as a businessman.

What Tips Do You Have For Other Dads On Saving Time?

Shut your phone off. Really. Shut it off. Sometimes, your kids take priority above all else. Don’t waste quality time on the phone that you could be spending tearing the house apart (and then cleaning it up again, of course). As someone who works with brides, who often have (understandable) meltdowns of their owns, I’m used to finding ways to avert problems before they even start. Look for ways to do that in your own life: your family, and your sanity, will thank you.

Chris B, DadNCharge

What Does Time Mean To You?

tips for dads and fathers on saving timeHow important is time to you as a dad, as a worker, as a blogger? How do you find more ways to get more of it? Time management is so important to me I used it as the hook for my blog — daddylibrium is the balancing act between fatherhood, being a good partner and snaring a few minutes of leisure time. Time is everything to a father — from making time to spend with your kids to arranging for those moments when you can briefly put fatherhood aside and share a laugh with friends. I work with my wife on a daily basis to maximize my schedule. I will take our boys to dinner in order to give my wife some solo time. And she’ll take the kids to the pool to offer me the same. I wake up early each day before my sons do to work out. Otherwise, it’ll never get done!

What Tips Do You Have For Other Dads On Saving Time?

I’m embarrassed to say that I floss while I drive. My apologies to my fellow drivers. I also listen to my favorite podcasts in bed every night via my Kindle. That means I wake up in the morning with my headphones tangled around my head, but it’s a small price to pay.

Jackson G, The Pregnant Bro

What Does Time Mean To You?


As a dad to an unborn child, attorney, and upstart blogger, time is so vital. Especially time at home, the most important kind. The best way to get more out of my time is to be intentional about everything. When you’re at home, be at home. When you’re at work, be at work. Trying to do too much multitasking sometimes shortchanges every category you’re trying to fit in. Make sure to especially never short your family time – it refreshes you so that you can make better use of work and blogging time.

What Tips Do You Have For Other Dads On Saving Time?

Answer emails on the toilet via your smartphone! Take ideas for your blog based on your home life and the interactions with your kids. Take advantage of when your wife is running late – that’s bonus email or twitter time.


 Thomas D, CEO, Fourerr

What Does Time Mean To You?

thomas-sonOne of the biggest fears I have is to run out of time daily to do the things I live for, this is ensuring that my daughters and son are happy and cared for. It is impossible to quantify what it actually means to be with my children, it is just something you do automatically without thinking, it is second nature. On the other hand I love being busy with my online projects and I’m grateful to have the support from Shereen my wife. When the children are doing their activities or are in bed I can focus on the business.

What Tips Do You Have For Other Dads On Saving Time?

Don’t do the dishes 😉 Just kidding! I don’t think I have really time saving tips, but a good time management needs to be in place with 4 children. What helps for me is to prioritize my work, knowing what is important and knowing what tasks return the most value. It is easy to get hung up in less important, sometimes more fun tasks, but they could be huge time wasters.

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