The Problem With Startups – Some Big Solutions

startup company

startup companyIn the 1990’s, back in the days when the whole valley of the Bay Area seemed composed of Silicon everything and every company ended in ‘dot com’, the startup seemed a ‘sure thing’. Today, it is – and it isn’t. There’s a whole bunch more competition right now for the successful startup – and – there’s a lot of need for startups then ever before (as the Internet grows).

Are you building an app to take the world by storm – or at least to make online dating easier? You’re probably faced with a lot of obstacles. That’s normal. Starting up your business: it’s not easy.

It’s not a seamless process – it’s one fraught with problems. From mapping out your vision, to getting your friends to back you, to getting your project kick-started to toasting its success with a fine bottle of bubbly, starting up your business means serious work… Are you ready for it? Great. Let’s take a look at some common problems the start-up today faces – and some great solutions!

First: Who Did What.. When?

Many start-ups don’t magically start-up the way you think they do. Remember Alta-vista? Who does? Believe it or not, it was a big start-up engine that changed the world (even though you’ve probably never heard of it). Your first problem, then? Finding out what other companies have done well – and then doing it better.

Bottom line
Make a list  of companies that did it first.
Make a list of what they did well.
Make a list of what their mistakes.

Next: What Does Your Customer Want?

Doesn’t make much sense to sell ice in Alaska, huh? Selling air-conditioners in Florida, however, well now – that’s a good market. Before you embark upon your product launch, be sure that what exactly your customers want and want you need to focus your efforts on, be sure you’re not opening lemonade stands in Alaska. Walmart, the world’s most successful retailer, sold things people needed at costs they could afford. Nordstrom, on the other end, sold things people wanted and didn’t care how much they paid to get them.

Bottom line 
Know your product, know your clients. Set good prices.

Last: Find Solutions That Take Your Company To The Next Level

So – you know you want it. You know what you want to sell. You know you have something folks want to buy?
How do you put yourself out there? How do you kick start your company? Well, not to self-promote too much, but Fourerr is one great place to do so.

  • What can Fourerr do for your business?
  • Buy logos – from experts – for set prices.
  • Get business plans written.
  • Connect with industry pros.
  • Launch quickly.
  • Conduct key market research

oh, and join the Fourerr community, of course! If you haven’t joined yet, click here and become part of the revolution…

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