Announcement: Approving of Micro Jobs

Since just over one month, we have started approving every single Micro Job that is published on Fourerr manually. From the 1st of June, we will not approve any Micro Jobs that are against our revised Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, we will also not approve any Micro Jobs that are against the Terms and Conditions of other online websites and offline organisations.

Here are some examples of Micro Jobs that you might have seen in the past that will no longer be approved:

  • Boosting Website Traffic
  • Boosting Page Rankings and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Increasing Social Media Website Followers and Likes
  • Paid Reviews
  • Providing digital goods for which you do not own the Legal Selling Rights
  • Quick Rick Money Schemes

Don’t despair if this was the type of Micro Job you had in mind; there are hundreds of other types of services that can be published on Fourerr.

Here are some examples of the Services that we will endorse and support at all times:

  • Provide any graphic design work
  • Provide any development and coding work
  • Provide Virtual Assistance work of any kind
  • Provide Multimedia skills, such as voice overs, video creation, video and music editing
  • Provide Website creation, CMS installations and setup of hosting
  • Provide any writing and editing services
  • Provide Guides, Presentations and Tutorials
  • Provide any seasonal and holiday related services

During the month of June, we will be going through older Micro Jobs and verify if those are in line with the revised Terms and Conditions. If not, then, we will de-activate those Micro Jobs.

If you are in doubt, please contact our Helpdesk and we will be helping you out.




4 Comments on Announcement: Approving of Micro Jobs

  1. I will like to know whether there is any rule like the first gig must be only $4 and only from the second onwards you can charge upto $25

    • Hi Amudhan, you’ve raised a good question. Short answer: No. At Fourerr, you have the freedom to set your prices, from $4 up to $25. Those who are new to the site would start selling at $4 to attract their first sales; the choice is totally up to you. Hope this helps, good luck!

  2. We have a variety of significant services to offer at our site. We need radio check buttons for our customers to choose which services they desire or a number of them. We need the radio buttons prices to add up as the customer checks the services they want. What is the procedure to have radio check buttons?

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