Work Hack: Give Yourself A Promotion

working online eleveate career

working online eleveate careerThe economy has been….well, tough on a lot of us. Opportunities haven’t exactly been knocking down anyone’s door. You may have the best qualifications in the world: bachelor’s degrees, masters’ degrees, even terminal ones (you could also have a lot of debt to go along with that). Whether you’re sending out your resume to hundreds of potential employers, trying hard to get noticed in your current job – or just trying to make ends meet – Fourerr has a life hack for you!

The hack? It’s simple: give yourself a promotion. Don’t wait for someone to magically step in and elevate your career to the next level. Why? You have little to no control over that. What you need to do is give yourself a promotion. Make yourself the CEO of your own life. Bring your career to the next level – on your own. It’s not nearly as hard to do as it seems. The first step is admitting: the best way to get ahead is to skip waiting and just go for it.

Step One: Decide You Want More Cash
One of the biggest parts of getting a promotion? Making more money! If you want more cash, you’ve got to bring your career to the next level. Nobody is going to hand it to you – you must chase it with everything you have. Successful speaker and writer Danielle Laporte decided she wanted to move up from a shop girl to a business tycoon (and in a few short years, she did just that). Maybe you can, too. Why not try?

Step Two: Decide You Want More Status
Tired of pushing papers? Sick of frying burgers? Do you want more out of life – and work? Ok. Great. That means you need to — go for it. Push yourself to the next level. Decide what it is you want to do (be a graphic designer? a writer? a coding expert) and stop at nothing to get there.

Step Three: Find Your Resources
Whether it”s improving your education (take an online course, find a mentor, read a new book) – find out what you need to do to really step up your career and give yourself that promotion you want – and deserve. Sign up for Fourerr – and start selling your talents. The online world is here – start using it to grow and give yourself a big promotion.

Key Takeaway:
Don’t be limited by your current situation. Take charge. Look to the future. Life is short but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make real, sustained plans for growth. Start small – get big results: Fourerr is your ticket.

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