Human Resources For Entrepreneurs: 101

blog about hiring freelancers for entrepreneurs

blog about hiring freelancers for entrepreneurs What, exactly, is the definition of ‘human resources’? Good question. Loosely defined, human resources refers to soft services a company requires to run properly. Hiring, firing, employee performance – all of these things fall under the human sides of running a company. Unfortunately, most tech-based and start-ups don’t come equipped with full human service teams and managers.

As an entrepreneur, you must figure out how to navigate the not-always transparent waters of human interactions. Unfortunately, we don’t all respond like computer programs to codes. We have emotions. We have egos. We have loves. We have passions. We take things personally. There just isn’t a guide book for how to handle human resources, especially not for entrepreneurs who are juggling a million different things already. Rest assured, Fourerr is here to handle so many of your human resources needs. From vetting skilled workers, providing references via our state-of-the-art ratings system. to handling payment and payroll processing, Fourerr has you covered. If you haven’t yet signed up for our insider platform on getting work done well (and affordably), there’s no time like the present!

The following are ten top-notch human resource tips to help you get more work done, more efficiency, with the people upon whom you depend to run your business. Please share them, use them, discuss them – and more than anything, put them to work for you!

1. Don’t Hire Full Time To Start
When your business plan is still in the works, it doesn’t always make sense to staff up with full-timers. Sometimes the best thing you can do to find lasting-success for your business is to start small – hire by the job done, hire freelancers – use sites like Fourerr to your best advantage.

2.Use the Internet
– both to fill openings and to find possible candidates. For example, you can browse Fourerr’s sellers to find those who best fit with your business’s unique needs. Browse services offered, read reviews – and ask questions!

3. Ask Your Team If They Can Do More
Ever heard the one about how you hired someone to do one task when it turns out they can do others even better? Find out exactly what your team excels at – and then use them to do tasks you need to get done (if the shoe fits).

4. Know What Sets You Apart.
When you’re a small company, or a start-up, you are at an advantage. Use it. Because you know your team better, you can better cater the work they get so that it goes to the person who knows exactly how to get the job done (right).

5. Think Way Outside of The Box
Sometimes, a great team isn’t made of perfect people. Be unconventional in your job search and hiring approaches. Don’t disregard someone who may need to work from home (for a variety of reasons….). That person who works from home for you may work circles around the person taking up space in your cubicle.

6.Ask Around
When it comes to finding more great teamworkers, your current team is your best bet. Ask around for referrals for current team members – and don’t forget to thank your team for their time and help!

7. Don’t Rush
Hiring isn’t a race. Take it slow. It’s the rabbit, not the hare, that wins the race. Invest your time and energy into finding the right folks to get the job done well for you – and your company.

8. Have Clear Expectations
Know what you hope to achieve before you hire. Don’t expect your teammates to be mind-readers, because frankly: they’re just not. Be as upfront as possible.

9. Put Systems In Place
Whether it’s a system for taking a day off or getting a hold of your team away from email, be sure to have the right systems in place, so that when something comes up you know where your team mate is and how – or when – you can get a hold of them.

10. Remember You’re Online
Online communication isn’t without problems – don’t forget that. Use Skype, email, Trello, social media – everything and anything you can think of to better enhance your communications with teammates.

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