Pay By The Job, Not The Hour

tips on hiring freelancing

tips on hiring freelancing

How do you hire your employees? How do you get work done for your company? Do you hire by the hour? Do you pay by the job done? You  have two options: pay for actual, quantifiable work – or pay for a promise that may or may not get delivered. Running a business, or starting one up, is risky – and one of the biggest risks you’ll face is unreliable employees who simply don’t get the job done for you but you need to pay them anyway.

How to effectively manage employees to save the maximum amount of money for your business or startup has been the subject of many books, courses and even college degrees. Thanks to the evolution of crowdsourcing – there is a now new way to manage. Stop managing employees, stop evaluating work performance, stop making accommodations, stop listening to excuses. Manage work; don’t manage employees.

Hiring By The Review System Is Smart Hiring
On sites like Fourerr, we have a review system that is generated based upon users’ experiences with a certain seller (or freelancer’s) past work. Other buyers like you rate the sellers based on quality. Choosing who to hire based on the review system we have means you know you’re getting quality. Star and review rating systems have been around for hundreds of years – and it’s about time we start being able to rate quality of work this way!

Hiring By The Job Saves Money
Think about real estate and construction. If developers paid by the hour, and not the job, nothing would ever get done. New building projects would be astronomical to fund. Paying by the job, for real work done well, is what gets projects off the ground. If you want to get your company or business off the ground, approach it like any large project and hire by jobs done.

Hiring By The Job Eliminates Waste
When workers are motivated to get the job done in order to get paid – not motivated by passing another hour by (when they get paid by the hour) – you will find that work gets done a whole lot faster. You don’t need to worry about what your hourly employees are doing – you just need to check in with the workers you’ve hired to do a certain job to find out when they expect to deliver it to you. It’s easy, fast and eliminates wasted time and money. Get your business off the ground for less money and a whole lot faster.

Hiring By The Job Increases Communication
Believe it or not, when you hire by the job and get work done using remote workers, you ability to communicate improves immensely. Though it may, at first, seem counter intuitive, you actually communicate more effectively. You waste less time on small talk, online consulting and emailing leads to more direct conversations that clearly convey expectations. You, and your workers, are more accessible and it’s easy to quickly share important information online. Amazing, right?

Key Takeaway
If you’re thinking about crowdsourcing your business’s workload to get it done faster, and more cheaply, congratulations. You’re clearly in the know – the future of working is here at Fourerr, and those who are early to adopt now stand to benefit big time. If you haven’t already signed up for your Fourerr account, do so today and imagine how it will feel to start building your business for dollars and days instead of thousands and months. Because you want results, Fourerr is here to help.






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