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work online from home freelancing

work online from home freelancingMonetize Your Talent: Getting Started

Back when the Internet first got sort of big (in the 90’s), it was an amazing new way to connect. Emails gave way to instant messaging; instant messaging gave way to chat rooms; chat rooms gave way, eventually, to social networks. As we grew more comfortable, as a global community, with connecting digitally, eventually Skype and email have started to replace the boardroom and the cubicle. The shift toward online working is dramatic and downright stunning: it’s also inspirational.

Working online breaks down real barriers. Your location ceases to be a deciding factor as to whether or not you’ll get hired: your talent takes central stage. If you’ve been looking for side jobs in your area and not meeting with the success you want, it’s time to take your career and your earning potential to the next level: online. Become a freelancer. Build your portfolio. Network. Connect. Create. Earn cash.

1. Set Goals
Before you can start achieving, you need to know what it is you want to achieve by working online. Your first stop? Set goals. What is your goal in working online? Is it to expand your career opportunities? Make cash to pay off debts? Save money to buy a house? Go on a vacation? Buy new clothes? Regardless of how large or small or numerous your goals are, it helps to know what you want and why you’re working. Having clear goals in mind as you go forward as an online worker will help you achieve more, stay focused on results and to feel good about the time your online jobs demand.

2. Define & Identify Your Talent
You know what you want. How do you get it? The online world needs skilled and talented workers. Are you a whiz at organizing and research? Working as a pro virtual assistant could be a winning niche for you. Do you love all things programming? Consider being a code guru online. You could offer problem-solving, installation and custom-work. If you’re more of a graphics ace, start selling logos! Remember that as you work and make money off your talent, you also deepen your talent and add to your experiences. To get inspired about what your talents might be, check out what freelancers at the online marketplace Fourerr are offering as their talents!

3. Tackle
You’ve set goals. You’ve identified marketable talents. Now, it’s time to tackle your goals. Crush the competition. Take home cash results. Build. Grow. Achieve. Start soaring into your future with small steps. Sign up for a seller’s account at Fourerr to get the ball rolling. Read through our blog for ideas and inspiration about taking your freelancing career to the next level.

Online Resources For Freelancers Starting Out:

Key Takeaway
You can make money online. You can expand your portfolio. You can grow as a professional. Fourerr can help you do all of this with small jobs that bring home big results.

Happy Working!

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