All Moms ‘Work’ From Home

What Do Moms Think About The WAHM Movement?

It’s Mother’s Day – a day to step back and appreciate the amazing women who gave birth to us. Motherhood is no easy task, and for the modern mom, it’s not the only one they juggle. As a top destination for freelancers, Fourerr wanted to know what moms think about the working from home movement. To get an idea, we asked the Internet’s top mom bloggers to share their thoughts on working from home. The responses we got are thought-provoking, amazing – and, inspiring.

Young Work At Home Moms

vicI look up to WAHMs, even before I became one myself. I would definitely not say that it is an extension to what SAHMs already do because there is a lot more involved. SAHMs just have to make sure that they keep the house tidy and watch after the kids. However, WAHMs on the other hand, have to not only keep the house tidy and watch after the kids, they also have to manage juggling multiple jobs online while doing normal mom duties. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to work from home and be successful.”

The Work At Home Woman
“Being a work at home mom is a natural role for many moms to fall into. Moms already manage and juggle multiple schedules, duties, and roles that they’re well prepared for the rigors of working from home. But while moms are used to handling a never ending to-do list, you need to be ruthless with your time — otherwise you’ll find yourself burning the candle at both ends which is a detriment to yourself, your family, and your job. Work at home moms need to make sure they’re comfortable delegating duties, saying no, and letting go of the small stuff.”

Real Ways To Earn Money Online
“Moms definitely always work — whether they have a home job or not, and this can make the transition from SAHM to WAHM a little smoother because most moms are already practicing time management, multi-tasking, etc. They are pros at it! “



Blonde Mom Blog
bl“Moms are already the ultimate multitaskers so taking on the role of WAHM is just a natural extension of what they do best. The challenge is to find balance and not lose yourself in your work!”



“Running a household with kids and having a successful marriage is a full time job. Why not spice it up a bit and bring a career into the mix and make a little extra cash while youre at it? Even if it’s a hobby turned business, an at-home daycare or some other venture you can do at home, you will feel all the much more rewarded at the end of a successful day!”


Deanna, den

“A mother who works at home has so much on her plate. She wears many hats, in addition to the day to day with the family and household, which is already a lot of work, she is working on different projects, takes an occasional meeting, jumps on conference calls, must meet deadlines, and work to organize herself and balance everything. I have actually been in both situations, I prefer to work at home. Although it’s a little more hectic, having the flexibility to multi-task between kids, household duties, and work is a blessing.”


dew“I think for me being a WAHM is both empowering and a necessity.
I couldn’t imagine working full time in an employed capacity leaving my children in nurseries/daycare but nor could I be a full time mum – my mind soon got bored. However running a business from home allows me the flexibility to work when I have time. I don’t feel guilty for having the morning off to go swimming or to messy play with Olive, nor do I have to ask anyones permission if I wanted to see my elder children’s school assembly AND if I’m up until midnight typing or sewing that’s my choice. “

Actually Mummy
hel“Working from home is just something that makes sense for me. I want to be around when my kids want me, and fill my time productively when they don’t. “



Slummy Single Mummy

“I work at home and think there is a real danger is blurring the work slumums do at home generally, looking after the house and the family, and paid work. I’m not saying that the more general work isn’t as valuable, just that a clear line needs to be drawn to make sure that the whole family value the paid work done at home too. For example, when I was in a relationship I often found that just because I was physically at home, I was often the one who has to stop ‘working’ and start making dinner. My partner could stay late at his office safe in the knowledge that someone else would be cooking for him!”

“I think women in general are amazing multi-taskers. It’s just something we seem to be born with and don’t have to put any thought or planning into it. So adding work at home, a creative outlet, a hobby, a business… whatever the case may be, is not only normal for us – but something we love and crave beyond just being a mother. I think it makes us better moms to be able to tap into all parts of our brains.”


senI don’t know if this is true for other WAHMs but I see my desk work as a bit of a reward for getting the household in order. I LOVE my work, it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like pleasure.  Housework is NOT my pleasure at all, and in fact I am delighted to report that I don’t do it all myself, but joyfully pay a Washing Fairy who comes to help out.  But I’m still responisbily in my house for all the shopping, washing, cooking, kids stuff – my husband works away in the Middle East on a fly in fly out rotation.  So I need to make sure eveything’s done and, honestly, sitting down to work is just a pleasure. It’s where I get my ‘flow’ happening. The hours fly too fast.”


man“I absolutely think that in some cases, going from mom to WAHM is just a natural transition. So many moms come upon a hobby (photography, baking, blogging) and turn it into successful businesses. As soon as you start working towards making money from that hobby, you are now a professional and not “just” a mom. “



Sparkles & Stretchmarks
hayI am a WAHM myself and for me it’s been the answer to a lot of my problems and concerns as an anxious first time mother….I was very worried about being away from my baby while having to go out to work as I don’t have any family nearby to help out with child care. So becoming a WAHM was a real blessing….however it does come with. It’s own set of problems! I find it very difficult to force myself to get work related tasks done when my son is just downstairs with his dad and I can hear him crying…it’s so tempting to go and see what’s wrong, it’s difficult to stay disciplined.”

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