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find ways to work online

Is your day job killing you? Do you work behind a cubicle all day long, answering the same annoying questions call after call after call? Do you look forward to casual Friday a little too much – because then at least you can wear your jeans to work? Yeah, we’ve been there. The 9-5, or the 3-11, or the 11-7 or the 7-2 – they’re just no fun, are they? What’s worst – you probably feel stuck. What do you have to look forward to, really? A promotion that makes you the boss of everyone doing a job you can’t stand? Retirement someday (if you’re lucky)? It’s a rat race. That’s all about to change for you, though – so take a deep breathe. You’re in the right place.

You’re standing at the gates of the leading freelance marketplace that deal in the $4 micro-gig. Micro-gigs, you ask? Yes, we say (and loudly). Fourerr is pioneering the idea of micro-gig as a new way to work and make money. It’s great for anyone who wants to make extra side money or find a way out of the rat race. Let’s take a look at ten powerful ways Fourerr can help you monetize your talents and profit from your passions:

1. Fourerr Makes You Think Differently About Money And Work

Think: before Fourerr came into your life (even if that was just a few minutes ago, how did you used to think about making money?) Were you the type who thought you were going to be chained to computer and an office chair for the rest of your days? Did you think your best bet to earn more money was to strike it rich in the lottery? Have you always had a business plan you were going to get off the ground – but had no idea where to start? Fourerr is your place to start going for it. The opportunity is here: you need to take it.

2. Fourerr Connects You With The People Who Can Make Your Dreams Come True

The Fourerr community is bustling with buyers and sellers. If you need to jump start a business plan with some solid research, hire an A+ researcher with a micro-gig. If you are talented at making logos companies want, post a gig and start marketing your services. Visit the Fourerr community forums for help, to bounce ideas off of one another and to connect with fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs like you.

3. Fourerr Helps You Say Yes To Your Dream

We realize Fourerr doesn’t deliver you your dreams overnight. We’re all bout micro-gigs and drops in the bucket. We believe that it’s the small stuff that counts – and it’s all the small stuff. So – say yes to your dream. Don’t get overwhelmed by it. One step at a time, one gig at a time: start changing your life, and your future, with Fourerr!

4. Fourerr Pushes You To Take Action & Make Your Dream Happen

Now that you know what Fourerr is all about and you know what you want to get out of Fourerr, take real action. Sign up for an account. Post a gig. Buy a gig. Get your feet wet. The tortoise may have beat the hare, but don’t forget the tortoise was always in the race. So: what are you waiting for? Take action toward your dream and start profiting from your passion.

5. Fourerr: Start Small. Think Big

Divide your tasks up into bite sized pieces. Maybe you need a whole website made? Start with the graphics. Then move on to programming. Find Fourerr sellers you trust to work with time and time again. Don’t bite off more than you can chew – celebrate the work you get done and pat yourself on the back for being wise enough to approach business in a very innovative new way!

6. Fourerr: Your Platform For Accomplishment
Basketball players have the court. Baseball players have the field. Scientists have labs. Fourerr is your lab, it’s your court, it’s your field. It’s an accomplishment platform where you can go after goals, score big and take home results.

7. Fourerr Helps You Get Better, Bigger
By working in small steps instead of large leaps, you can chisel away at your skills until they are sharpened to a fine point. The more you do something, the better you get at it. With Fourerr, you get lots of opportunity for practice.

8. Fourerr Helps You Design The Career You Want
You know what you enjoy doing – but how do you turn that into a real career and real cash? With Fourerr, you can start putting yourself and your services out there to see what you excel most doing. For example, if you find more businesses want you to design logos rather than other graphics – logos just may be your thing and you may want to shape your career around that.

9. Fourerr Transforms The Way You Work
Stop working the 9-5 and start working according to when you want to work – whether that’s 9-9 or 2am-5am. With online work, the green light is always on. Don’t be restrained by convention: let go of it and soar.

10. Fourerr: Work For Yourself, Work Harder
It’s a simple human truth: we have to look out for ourselves. When the work you do only benefits the company you work for, and not your personal future, you’re less invested in it (even though you’re getting paid). However, when the work you do directly impacts your life, and your future, everything looks different. You get direct rewards for what you do – so you work harder and bring home more results (and more cash).

Key Takeaway:
To get going on the road to your dreams, to ditch the rat race in the dust, to grow your financial freedom and security, start by monetizing your passions with Fourerr. We are a community of skilled designers, artists, programmers, writers and entrepreneurs who all believe that the tortoise (and not the hare) always wins the race. Small, steady movements toward a goal is the best way to get anything done. So, get your dreams done – with Fourerr on your team. Because you want to transform your life, sign up & start selling today!

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