5 Freelancing Lessons I’ve Learned from Climbing a Mountain

freelancing lesson Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu - 811 MASL

In this guest post series, ‘Meet the Team’, Marissa talks about insights on freelancing and life as a hiking enthusiast out to conquer steep slopes and winding trails, one climb at a time.

A friend told me that someone who feels ‘big’ enough has never really climbed a mountain. I remember that one fine day in February of 2008 when I took all my daring and risked everything to do something I really love… and I never really looked back ever since. I must admit, I felt smaller than the tiny dot on my computer screen as doubt gnaws on the very edge of my sanity. There were times when I thought that I have made the biggest mistake of my life. There were those low moments when dear friends think you’re nuts to give up the security of your full time job – just so you can play Russian roulette with your career.

While freelancing has its ups and downs, of successes and challenges, it’s never really a walk in the park. Rather, it feels like a traverse through rugged terrain where each journey to point A leads to B, C, D and you begin to wonder just when will the trail end to point Z. How far are you already from where you’ve started and how close are you to the peak of glory are two things that play in your mind on a loop. Exhausting, exhilarating, and exciting. Each one of us is a hiker on our journey to Mount Freelancing and for what it’s worth, here are some lessons I’ve learned from my previous climbs:

You’re Much Stronger Than You Think

There will always be obstacles in your way as you take another step towards your destination. You may be threading on slippery slopes with deep ravines hundreds of feet below. You may be overwhelmed. You may fall.. but that’s only inside your head. Snap out of it!

Descending - Mt. Batulao Old Trail

Descending – Mt. Batulao Old Trail

Embrace the Moment

No matter how you plan your trip, of that picture-perfect moment, shit happens (or, you may be stepping on it right now). At least, it’s good to have an extra pack of wipes. Whatever happens along the way, make the most of it without worrying what could have been.

Nothing Beats Preparation

And three liters of hydration. Freelancing is so much like hiking that if you don’t have the right tools, you may never even make it to base camp. The last thing you want is to bring some scrappy backpack that snaps out of place when you’re making an ascent.

Improvisation Works Wonders

There are times you would want to beat yourself in the head for having forgotten to bring your trekking pole. But nature has its way of providing you with sticks you can use instead. Sometimes, you may just have to make a detour to find the right way.

You are NOT Alone

Even when you’re traveling solo, you’ll always find a pack or meet friends along the way. Whatever you accomplish, whether climbing a 70-degree slope on your final ascent to the top or getting to work for your dream client — always find time to thank those who helped you all along.

Climbing, like freelancing, frees up your mind, body and soul so you can make your dream of having a balanced life — a reality.  No mountain will ever be high enough and when you reach the top, you’ll be plotting your next journey to something higher.

Like Miley, if you can almost see it, you can definitely reach it. You may feel lost with no direction, your faith may be on shaky grounds.. but you got to keep your head up high

and climb (or sing while you do).

Marissa Sayno, Fourerr’s Marketing Strategist

Freelancing Lessons

On Mt. Batulao’s Summit


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