Dare To Achieve More: Ten Tips For Freelancers Starting Out

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Want to work from home? Make more money? Refine and develop your marketable talents (writing, graphics, virtual assisting, social media)? Freelancing online can help you take your talent and turn it into cash; freelancing can also help you jump off into a new career and a promising future – if you approach the craft of freelancing professionally and ambitiously. Results won’t start pouring in immediately – freelancing is not a get rich quick approach to making money. It is, however, a real way to make real cash and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Take a look at Fourerr’s top ten ways to start freelancing successfully online:

1. Fish Where The Fish Are
First things first, in order to catch anything good, you’ve got to fish where the fish are. Simply deciding to be a freelancer and putting an ad up on Craigslist – or making a personal website isn’t going to be enough to catch anything note-worthy. You’ve got to find prime spots for putting yourself out there. For example, Fourerr is a great place to do it. We are a trusted e-commerce platform that entrepreneurs and businesses turn to when they need proven results and quality work.

2. Make Time For Your Work
Don’t try to fit in your freelancing work in the half hour between gym and dinner with friends. If you don’t have time for freelancing, don’t do it. If, however, you have some free hours each week to devote to some extra work, then by all means – devote that time to your freelancing career and really go for it.

3. Be Proactive
Don’t just sit around and wait for the offers to pour in. Make a website. Set up social media profiles. Use Linkedin as a way to connect with others. Hunt down new clients. Thank old ones. Create opportunities for yourself.

4. Identify Your Talents
You may be a great writer – but are you just a ‘writer’ or are you more specialized? For example, if you’re a top-notch press release writer, say it. If you’re a pro at blogging, be a top-notch blogger. Specialize to make yourself more marketable – and profitable.

5. Identify Room For Improvement
Are there things you can do to improve your skills? Google, for example, offers a free certification in its ad campaigns. If you want to specialize in Google marketing, go ahead and take the course to improve your skill set and bring more to the table.

6. Don’t Expect Too Much, Or Too Little
Don’t jump into freelancing thinking you’re going to bring home massive riches overnight – that just doesn’t happen. What does happen, however, is that overtime you build up a reputation as a provider of a certain service – and the quality of your reputation combined with the network of contacts you build determines the amount of jobs and money you earn going forward. Don’t underestimate your potential, either. Stay positive – the freelancing world is full of real opportunity.

7. Your Online Reputation Is Everything
In a digital world, reputation is everything. Don’t offend your clients and buyers; work harder to ensure they’re happy and will leave positive feedback for you. Go the extra mile to win the race.

8. Reinvent Yourself
If you love designing cartoons, how can you take that talent and make it something you can sell? For example – could you sell cartoon-style graphics and custom-designed invitations for events? Think about how you can take what you love and make it into a product; reinvent yourself to reinvent your future.

9. Innovate To Get Ahead
Embrace new technology and ways of doing things to get ahead of the competition. Productivity apps, blogs like ours and networking with other freelancers on forums are key ways to stay on top of trends and innovations in the freelancing world.

10. Approach Your Work As A Business
Be organized in your approach to freelancing. Set yourself up for success. Schedule hours of operation. Design a customer service policy. Keep track of your income and expenses. When you approach your work as a business, you can do more and earn more cash.

Key Takeaway
Freelancing isn’t a straight shot and there’s no manual that tells you exactly how to get great at it, however: it’s a worthwhile pursuit that has the potential to change your life, your career, your money and your world. Fourerr believes freelancing is the future – and we’ve created a state of the art platform for freelancers and buyers to connect. Because you want to jump start your career freelancing online, sign up with Fourerr today to get going.

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