Happy International Workers’ Day: Looking Back, Looking Forward

International Workers’ Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate workers throughout the world. Every May 1st, people find time to stop and take part in the international labor movement and all that it means for working people locally, regionally and throughout the world. At Fourerr, we appreciate workers everywhere. Regardless of your specialty or your location, it is our sellers who make Fourerr the vibrant community we enjoy today. Thank you for your work 😉

Our CEO  took some time to share some  motivational words with the entire Fourerr community:

thomas-de-vos“Today and especially today I would like to look at every single person here on Fourerr and congratulate you with every achievement you made, whether you just created an account on Fourerr, published your first Micro Job, bought or sold your first Micro Job or are making a serious living on Fourerr I would like to bring out a toast to you.

Those achievements will lead to something spectacular, it can lead to life changing moments and therefore you should feel proud about every achievement you have made, continue the road to success and keep on building upon those achievements. You will succeed and stand out.”

Thomas De Vos

Fourerr appreciates all that our sellers and buyers do for us. As a way to honor what you do here, let’s take a look at what International Workers’ Day means – and how you can celebrate it in your own life!

Appreciating Work
Without work, none of us would eat. We wouldn’t grow. We wouldn’t thrive. As businesses, it’s important to appreciate the work done for you that helps you get ahead of your competition. As employees, it’s crucial to appreciate the work you do. Know that you are contributing to the world – and that you’re making a difference. Think about all that you do – and how much it helps others. Especially if you are one of Fourerr’s sellers; you’re helping start and launch successful businesses. Your work helps create economic growth and opportunity. Without you, many entrepreneurs wouldn’t meet with the big successes they achieve online. Pat yourselves on the back!

Better Work Conditions Advocacy
Where do you work? How do you work? How are you treated? International Workers’ Day is about working condition advocacy. As the internet allows more and more people to work online and from home, it’s a good day to take stock of how far we, as a society, have come. How far have you come in your own career? Does working online enhance your working conditions? Think of ways you can help others elevate their own working conditions – whether it’s telling them about Fourerr or campaigning in the streets – always advocate for better working conditions in the world around you!

Celebrate Accomplishments
Take time off to celebrate and appreciate the work you’ve done – and the work your employees do for you. If you’re an entrepreneur, send a special email to your staff to thank them for what they do. Think of one way you can improve working conditions and do it. Buy a cake – buy a pizza: celebrate a bit. If you’re a freelancer, treat yourself better. Is there a way to take time off? To ask for a change that will improve your working conditions? Get creative to give yourself a gift this International Workers’ day!

Key Takeaway
Celebrated in over 80 countries, International Workers’ Day is important. It’s a time to take stock of the work we do each year, the employers we work for and the employees who do work for us. It’s a time to appreciate. A time to imagine. A time to change. A time to take time off. What are your plans for the holiday this year? If you want to change your working conditions, consider signing up for Fourerr. Work online for set fees. Expand your portfolio. Earn cash for your talents. Fine tune your skills. Accomplish more for your time. Because it’s a day about celebrating the way we work, click here to sign up with Fourerr.

Have Fun! It’s Your Day!

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