Are You Ready for the Gig Economy?

Freelancing is on the rise and it continues to grow exponentially. This is a fact. More people are joining the gig economy as they see more benefits in taking on various projects that open more room for growth.. than getting stuck in their usual 9-5 jobs. The lure of working from home (or anywhere they wish) plus a greater control over their earnings have been the top two reasons for many to choose the often challenging and solitary yet, more rewarding path of independent work.

Last year, an article on Forbes stated that by the year 2020, freelancers are expected to make up 50% of the full time workforce. You can read all about it on How An Exploding Freelance Economy Will Drive Change In 2014

Change is definitely coming… and at Fourerr, we’re shifting to better ways of empowering both businesses and freelancers in the digital world. You might have noticed it on our blog – which is recently featured in on their freelance blogs list, together with other top resources worth reading and sharing.

It is clear then that the only way for us is to go up. Are you ready to soar higher this time?


Have an awesome, productive week!

Thomas & The Fourerr Team

An Extra Dose of Inspiration:  Writing in a Nonstop World – The New York Times


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