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Entrepreneurs and freelancers, this post is for everyone. You may be working round the clock to make your dreams a reality, you may be reading books about how to get better at your practice – you may be thinking and sleeping on one thing:  Success.

That’s all great for going after your dreams – but many successful business leaders all say one thing, more or less: “You don’t have a business until you can automate it.” Think about your practices right now. How much hands on time are you giving it? Find ways to automate your process, your systems and your work flow. Developed by Motorola in the 80’s, Six Sigma business practices were developed to help businesses and employees maximize the way they work – and achieve. Let’s take a quick look at what they’re all about. Take Note: Despite the name 6 Sigma, there are actually 5 basic steps to follow.

1. Define Your Goals
The first step is to define the goals you’ve designed. Are they consistent with your customer’s demands? For example, if you want to open a bakery for dogs – be sure you’re not living in a community that far prefers cats. Defining that your goals are in line with customer demands is a key strategy for any successful business or freelancer to follow.

2. Measure Your Work
All doctors and scientists measure and test as a way to ensure they are going in the right direction. In fact, their days are basically trying doors to see which open and which don’t. In business, it’s vital that you measure and identify the characteristics that are critical to quality. Look at your products’ capabilities, how you are producing it, what your capacity is and know any risks that may be associated with what you are doing.  For example, if your doggie bakery isn’t a hit – was any one product or tactic a hit? Were your cat treats selling like hot cakes? Were you doing most of your business in the mornings?

3. Analyze Your Results
Now that you’ve taken time to think about your goals and taken a hard look at the work you put out, it’s time to analyze what you’ve learned. What is working? What’s not? What alternatives can you develop and design? Is it time to think about only selling cat treats at your pet bakery and shifting to focus? Time to change the hours?

4. Design Your Next Plan
Now that you’ve defined your goals, measured your work and analyzed your results, it’s time to design a new path to success. Whether it’s improving upon an old system or ditching one way of doing things for an entirely new path, the design phase is where you correct problems and seek realignment. Design a realistic plan that works for you. For example, you may want to make more cat treats than dog treats – and keep your hours open earlier and close earlier to save on payroll.

5.Verify Your Plan 
Before marching forward blindly – be sure you verify that the new plan you’ve devised will actually work out for you. Do test runs, start small – verify. Then, begin implementing it and assign the new system to the new system owner.  If you’ve verified that you can indeed sell cat treats, and that morning hours work best, it’s time to start baking cat treats and hire a morning cashier!

Your Key Takeaway:

Whether you are starting a business or launching your career with us at Fourerr, it’s always important to attack any situation methodically and calmly. The above principles can help you identify what is working – and what’s not – so that you can connect with your dreams. Fourerr helps you crush the competition with our community of affordable pro’s ready to work with and for you today! If you’re not yet using Fourerr, sign up today.


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