From Customer Support to Customer-Centric Service

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Because YOU, our valued users, matter most to us – we are constantly improving our site by finding new ways to helping you do more, earn more and be more.  How have we done so far?  We’re excited to read from you!

If you have missed our announcement on the New Fourerr Help Desk, you may simply visit HERE to see how it looks.

We have also created a Knowledge Base to help you find answers in as easy as 1-2-click – from getting started, managing your account, buying services, selling gigs, leaving reviews, communicating to reporting issues on Fourerr.  If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can always send in a ticket or contact our support team.

And since our users are at the very core of our business – we have opened our doors for a vibrant community to flourish.  Visit the new Fourerr Forums and share your thoughts (or drop by to say hello).


"new fourerr"

We’re not done yet… More great things coming our way. Stay Tuned!





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