Crushing The Competition: Five Startups Who Did It

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Fourerr loves a good startup story. Why? We are one. Startups change the world. They have an idea and they dare to achieve it. While others just sit around and think, “What if”, startup entrepreneurs say “Why not” and “When.” Today, we are bringing you five inspirational startup stories – some still starting and some flying – to put some extra motivation in with your morning coffee!

Startup Success: Apple Computer
Everyone’s favorite, or most annoying, start up (depending upon who you ask!). Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were just kids in California back in 1976. They saw a need for a new way of making the personal computer relevant to the general population. They found solutions to the problem of usability – and the rest is…history.

Startup Success: 360 Cabs
Founded by a local cab user who saw a need for improvement, Lokesh Bavera started 360 Cabs to meet that need. Fare transparency and even just locating a driver were both  big issues that Lokesh wanted to change with 360 Cabs. Based in Bangalore currently, 360 Cabs is looking to bring its advanced Android platform globally – and soon. Lokesh said that doing the Stanford Ignite Entrepreneurship program was “life changing”.

Startup Success: Oravel
Indian native Ritesh Argawal started his business, Oravel, as a rival to – at the young age of 17 years old. He recieved seed money to get things going – and now Oravel will soon be coming out with a new model geared and a new focus. He has also been shortlisted for the prestigious Thiel Fellowship, in which he would win 100K and get to work with the likes of Mark Zuckerburg. For the 17 year old Indian native, one small idea has gone big – fast.

Startup Success: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
For a real flavor treat, everyone loves Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Did you know this world-famous company was started in an old gas station in Vermont in 1978 – by two college dropouts? Ben, and Jerry, both wanted to make ice cream – and so they enrolled in a long-distance course that taught them just how to do it. They raised the capital to open a small scoop shop – and once they started scooping, they never seemed to stop! Ben and Jerry’s is now a global company, owned by Unilever.

Startup Success: Yeli
An African teen started a successful company with just $14 – and a big dream. Andrew Mupoya was 16 in 2008 when he saw a need for paper bags in his country of Uganda. He conducted his own research, gathered together what money he could, and hit the ground running. Mupoya’s business now employs 16 workers a week who collectively manufacture over 20 thousand bags per week. Mupoya has gained the title of, “The Paper Bag King.”

Fourerr Key Takeaway:
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