Entrepreneurs: Watch Your Way to Success!

inspiration for online entrepreneurs

Are you an online seller? Congratulations: you’re also an entrepreneur! What is an entrepreneur? It’s someone who starts a business, regardless of how small or large. You are undertaking a business venture and you are looking to achieve success. Being an entrepreneur isn’t the easiest job in the world (although it’s one of the most rewarding). Starting a business requires a great deal of blood, sweat and tears: the payoff, however, can be earth shattering.

We scouted out the world wide web’s top videos to bring sellers and entrepreneurs like you some motivation for the important work you do for yourself and your family. Remember: when the going gets tough, the tough get inspired! Bookmark this page so that you can return for encouragement whenever you need some and remember that the best things in life are worth working hard for!

Entrepreneurs Can Change The World
Take a few minutes for a change in your perspective. This simple and to the point video reminds you why you’re doing what you’re doing and is great motivation for staying the course and keeping going.

Guy Kawasaki: The Top Ten Mistakes of Entrepreneurs
The author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” takes time to tell you what mistakes you may be making, and how to avoid them. When a speaker and writer this influential dishes out some tips, it’s always a good idea to take heed and take note.

How to Succeed in Business with Gary Vaynerchuk
The author of the renowned social media book series, owner of the wildly successful Wine Library business and many-times successful entrepreneur, Gary V brings his tips for success to you. He has an inspirational attitude that is absolutely infectious for all those who want to follow in his successful footsteps.

Key to Success & Five Fears that Hold Entrepreneurs Back
Lewis Howes of, a self-proclaimed lifestyle entrepreneur, shares his key to success alongside the five fears that he thinks are holding entrepreneurs like you back. He has a unique and decidedly young spin on business that’s refreshing to consider!

Three Daily Success Habits
Craig Valentine of Early to Rise shares his insights on what he does in his to achieve success. Craig believes that just a few small habits a day can transform your life. He makes a clear case and breaks it down for you in simple, digestible steps.

Where Good Ideas Come From
Ever wonder where good ideas come from? Steven Johnson did, and he believes he’s found the answer. He goes over the history of innovation and even takes a look at the birth of the world wide web to prove his point. If you need some good ideas, look no further than Steven’s video.

The Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address
If you are a Steve Jobs fan, or just love his innovative products, you’ll want to watch his commencement address at Stanford University. It’s full of insights on what makes him, and other successful entrepreneurs like him, tick.

Richard Branson’s Career Advice
The founder of world-renowned Virgin, shares his advice on how to build a successful career as an entrepreneur. Be sure to keep a pen and paper nearby, as Richard’s advice is powerful and game-changing!

Found something inspiring that’s not on this list?  Do share in the comments.


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