10 Blogs Online Workers Should Start Reading

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When you work online, sometimes it feels like you’re in something of a vacuum. Without coworkers to bounce ideas off of and share the struggles (and triumphs) of the work day, it’s easy to start to feel a bit isolated from time to time. Even if you work online as part of a team, you may still find yourself missing that social connection that on-site working affords. To fill the gap, online blogging can help connect you with workers in similar positions as yourself. By reading blogs about other online workers’, you get that “gathering around the water bubbler” experience – except it’s a virtual water bubbler, and it’s actually a blog! Let’s take a look at ten blogs online workers should add to their internet rounds.

1. Ramblings of a Remote Worker
Marieke Guy, remote worker and rock star blogger, covers cultural issues, organizational attitudes and shares helpful technologies – all related to the field of remote working!

3.FlexJobs Blog
This excellent blog is a great resource for all things flexible and remote work. If you want to be employed in The Cloud, not in a cubicle, this blog is for you!

3.WorkHealthLife Blog
Packed with information for work at home folks, the WorkHealthLife is a top-notch resource. Whether it’s dealing with stress, increasing productivity – or learning to connect meaningfully with the online world, the WorkHealthLife Blog is your go-to.

WAHA, or Work at Home Resources & Advice, has something for everyone interested in at-home work to take away. This blog’s strongest angle is its great tips on monetizing your passions – online.

Are you a writer – copy or blogger? ProBlogger has top-notch, industry standards tips that will help you to take your writing career to the next level.

6.Freelance Folder
A blog for freelancers, web-workers, entrepreneurs and micro-gig junkies. This blog has tools, advice and resources for everyone!

7.Creative Freelancer BlogTackling all things freelance: this blog is full of creative ways to get ahead in the online world.

8. Get Rich Slowly
If you need a little push to focus on the big picture, this is your blog. Get Rich Slowly has tips, inspiration and stories that will keep you focused on your goals.

9. Life Hacker
Is there an easier way to do that? Or that? Or this? If there is, Life Hacker has already written about it – or they’re working on it. This great blog helps make your life streamlined.

10. Productivity 501
Find tech-y ways and systems of doing things that maximize your productivity.

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  1. Nice resources Hannah! I wish my blog ( ) was also in the list too.

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