Feature: UK’s Most Influential Mum Bloggers

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Unless you’ve been living under a digital rock, you’ve most likely noticed that mums have taken over the blog-o-sphere in full force. Although they haven’t quite achieved rock star status (yet), the UK’s mum bloggers are a power-packed group of witty, wordy women who are influencing the way we think about parenting, children and motherhood.

In honor of Mothering Sunday, Fourerr is going to take a look at the UK’s ten most influential mum bloggers. We are highlighting those feminine wordsmiths who have an edge, who say it like it really is, who push themselves and their readers toward new ideas and who simply make for a great read. Thank you mum bloggers, and thank you to mothers everywhere: because, without you, where would any of us be? Happy Mothering Sunday!

UK’s Top Ten Mum Bloggers:

Who’s The Mummy?

Sally Whittle doesn’t cook, and she doesn’t mind saying so! Along wither her daughter Flea, Sally enjoys swimming, blogging, the beach and generally having fun. Her family motto, actually, is to have fun (as long as you know how). One of the UK’s most popular online moms, Sally has an active readership who partake in her tales through comments and social media!

Metropolitan Mum

This sophisticated mommy blog is all about being a fabulous mom and having a fabulous lifestyle. Metropolitan Mum is a blogger, novelist, lifestyle enthusiast, yoga practitioner and zen master who also happens to be an amazing mom. Hats off to you, Metropolitan Mum!

Slummy Single Mummy

Jo is a mom to two girls, Bee and Belle. She was a young mother and has raised them on her own. If you like a bit of grit with your blog reading, Slummy Single Mummy is for you. Jo is brave and not afraid to tell it – exactly – how it is. Keep sharing your thoughts, Jo: we love them.

Mum of One

OK, it’s more like Mum of Two these days. Jennifer Bath is a writer, part time optometrist and a thirty-something who shares the daily goings-on of her life, product reviews and positive inspiration she stumbles across with her avid readership!

Oh So Amelia

For the mum who loves to decorate, read about hot new parenting products and read another mother’s daily reflections, Oh So Amelia is a match made in heaven. Recipes, competitions and inspiration can all be found at this great UK blog!

Mediocre Mum

Mediocre Mum is an honest look at parenting by a British mom hailing from Canada. Chrissie loves sharing recipes, insights, discussion points and daily tales with her many readers. She has a huge social media following that just keeps on growing (and, for good reason).

Sticky Fingers

Tara is a mother, a talented photographer and a blogger who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Her blog is an absolute treat to read as it is full of stunning photographs, great product reviews and inspiration for mums from all over. Thanks, Tara!

Savette Gazette

Wendy Hirst is an advocate for autism and children with special needs. Her blog the Savette Gazette brings awareness, support and inspiration for parents and children who have autism and other less mainstream issues. Wendy, keep up the important work!

Chesire Mum

Claire is all about the power of social media and blogging to change the world. She loves her Starbucks, Nero’s and kids; she also makes a career as a freelance writer, blogger and social media guru. From travel tales to product reviews, Claire’s blog is always an exciting read.

Transatlantic Blonde

We dare you to guess this blogger’s hair colour…Yep, you got it. Melaina blogs about fashion, award ceremonies, Scotland, nail polish, eating egg-free and product reviews. Originally from America, Melaina now makes her home in Scotland.


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