Sell More With These 10 Must-Have Free Productivity Apps

apps to help workers with productivity

Find yourself wasting time on small but necessary tasks that don’t do much to drive sales or money into your wallet? Just as large businesses have systems in place that eliminate wasted time and resources, online workers can and should implement systems to help increase productivity. Because Fourerr is committed to helping our online sellers meet with great success, we went ahead and scouted out ten terrific pro-productivity apps you can download for free. Let’s take a look at our finds!

Google Docs
Google Docs functions similarly to the Microsoft Office suite of programs. This incredible app has huge capabilities: everything happens online and your work is always being saved. If you made a revision and you want to go back to an earlier version, Google Docs saves all of your work. Collaborating is easy with this app: simply share a file and two or more people can work together to get the job done!

Staying on top of your expenses and payments can be a tricky task, even for the most organized online workers and freelancers. Get ahead of the game with Curdbee, an online invoicing app that makes getting your bills paid a breeze.

Ever wish you could just unplug from the world (wide web) and focus? There’s an app for that! Stayfocusd helps to keep you on task by limiting your ability to go surfing and avoiding other distractions.

Toodledo is the king of the online to-do list. If you have a lot of small tasks to complete each day, and what online worker doesn’t, toodledo is an absolutely crucial part of your toolbox.

Dropbox has transformed the way files are stored and shared. This dream of an app makes keeping your files, images and videos as easy as dragging and dropping. It’s an essential for any worker who functions as part of a team or needs to store a multitude of files at once.

How many passwords do you have going on? How much time do you waste trying to guess which password works on what website? Lastpass recognizes that there is a serious password problem for today’s internet user and it’s come up with a solution in the way of an intuitive app that streamlines your passwords.

Hmm….where did that last hour go? Yikes. If you find yourself wondering where your time is going, Rescuetime can help you figure it all out. Though you may not like the results you get (did you really spend five hours watching cat videos on Youtube?), it can help you to focus on your goals better so that you allocate your time to what is most important for your life.

Trello is a powerful group project management app that keeps your team on task. Getting groups organized can be no small feat, but Trello makes it seem like second-nature.

WriteMonkey transforms your computer screen into a clean slate so that you aren’t distracted by clocks, messages, browser bars and the ten other projects you have to work on next!

Do you ever scratch your head and wonder: where would the world be without Skype? We sure do. Skype is a wonder app that makes communications across states, countries and continents as easy as clicking a few buttons. Whether you need to communicate with voice or text chat, Skype makes the process easy (and free) for you.

The above apps should put a big dent into eliminating wasted time for you. Beyond these apps, try thinking outside the box a bit. Find ways to streamline and work more efficiently. If there is a better, and faster, way to do something: find it and try it. Invest time now into making your work easier to get done and you’ll continue to yield great results into the future!

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  1. I always knew Basecamp will be lisetd in the top 10 and also would be on top 3, as its worth the value. I have used others too, such as Zoho, Dropbox. I have got some good reviews and multiple options from your post too.

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