Tips for Online Workers: Bring Your Career to the Next Level

working from home online

Do you work online? Whether your online work is full-time or in your spare time, it’s a whole new way of doing business. Thanks to innovations in technology, it’s becoming easier and easier to earn a living, or extra money, from the convenience of your own home. Regardless of whether you are just starting out as a remote worker, a seasoned freelancer or a favorite seller in online marketplaces, the tips we’ve compiled are meant to help you step it up and bring out your “A” game. Remember: Our goal is your success!

Identify: Your Online Skill Set

Ever heard of the one about the business that opened up a shop but didn’t know what to sell? Probably not. If you’re working online, you are selling your services. To effectively sell your services, you must know exactly what your services are. For example, if you’re a fantastic graphic designer, capitalize on your talent! Write out the parts of graphic design that you excel at; are you great at logos and image editing? Highlight that. Sell it.

Embrace: Personal Branding

Personal branding is a new buzz word, and for good reason: it’s an approach to finding jobs and employment that sells yourself in a way similar to how large companies sell their products. To do some personal branding of your own, think about what makes you unique. Think about your products from the point of view of your customers: what would they be looking for before hiring someone? Consider how you can best convey what makes you a good deal for your ‘buyers’!

Market: Your Online Services

Once you’ve got some clearly defined skills, the next step is to market yourself. You don’t have to be a marketing whiz to do a good job getting the word out about your services. Leverage your social network by asking your online buddies to talk about your business. Create a webpage and social media accounts exclusively dedicated to your online services. Find relevant forums and directories where you can get listed as a seller.

Develop: Customer Service Strategies

What makes the great stores stand out from the rest? What keeps you going back to a restaurant time and time again? Affordable prices? Great products? Excellent customer service? Don’t underestimate the power of great service. When you treat your clients and buyers like the superstars they are, they will return the favor by spreading the word about your services and by coming back to work with you time and time again. Be sure to respond to messages quickly and thoroughly. Create and deliver great products on time (or before). Wow your customers and remember the old adage, “provide value and the money will follow.”

Remember: Location is Everything

Once you’ve turned your skills into great products, created a captivating personal brand, marketed your services and implemented stellar customer service practices, you’ve got one last thing to do. Be sure to put yourself and your services where the buyers are. Find online workplaces and marketplaces that will connect you with the buyers who want your services. Look for platforms that cater to make the buying and selling experience easy and trustworthy for both the buyer and seller. For leads on where to sell, it’s a smart idea to read blogs like this, connect with other sellers to share ideas and always remember to think like your buyers do!

Got more tips to add on this list?  Share them in the comments.

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