Top 10 items which you must do when starting up a Successful Startup Business, for less than $41..

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In today’s difficult job market, many people have resorted to starting up their own businesses to make ends meet. Sadly, when it gets to this point, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into a new business is not an option for most people. However, $40 bucks sounds a little more doable right? Keep reading to see how this could be the best $40 dollars you’ve ever spent in your life!

While creating a new business may seem like a great option, it can be a lonely and difficult road, especially in the first few years when trying to get your business off of the ground. One of the most challenging hurdles you will have to overcome is in dealing with the high expectations of those you do business. Customers can be tough to please and very irritating at times, and they will expect your service to be as high quality and experienced as a business that has been around for decades. With internet reviews running rampant, if your business sucks…everyone will know about it all over the world…very quickly.

hire-outsourceThe good news is that there are wonderful resources available to get you through those difficult times. For a tiny investment, you can have access to highly skilled people who will help you to exceed the expectations of your annoyingly-demanding customers. As a business owner, you cannot possibly master all of the skills necessary for running your own business. Oftentimes, business owners have a passion for their product or service but lack the training in the basic business strategies that need to take place in order for resulting success. It is absolutely necessary to outsource some of these areas of weakness so that they can become areas of strength for the future success of your business.

Fourerr provides the opportunity for you to delegate the tasks that you need other experts to handle. For only $4 per job, you can hire others to do the work that you suck at! So, you could hire out ten different gigs or “micro jobs” to various Fourerr people, and you would only be looking at a total bill of $40 bucks! You don’t have to hire them as an employee, pay their health insurance, disability, retirement, or worry about them suing you for on-the-job “accidents.” All you have to do is visit the Fourerr website and let the anxious cheap labor of workers get to work!

And speaking of work, there is so much work to be done when starting a new business! In 2014, whether or not your business is strictly online, you still have to have a presence online. Consequently, unless you have a techni-nerd degree and know how to do all of that yourself, you definitely better visit Fourerr.

Here are ten tasks that you will need to accomplish when starting up your new business. If you are weak in any of these areas, then take your $4 bucks to Fourerr and let a professional handle it for the sake of your business.

  1. Define your idea by exploring your passions. This is crucial to the longevity of your business. You must be excited about what you are doing, or the tough days will bury your dreams worse than the Broncos were buried in the Superbowl!
  2. Write up a business plan. What are you selling? Who are you selling it to? What are your financial goals? Be specific and realistic.
  3. Perform Research on your product or service. Are there others like it out there? How can you make yours different or unique? And, not unique like Michael Jackson but unique like “The Edge” from U2.
  4. Design your logo, slogan, and catchy business name. It’s time to get creative, but if that’s not your forte, then let a Fourerr dude give you some ideas.
  5. Make a website. Unless you are Sleeping Beauty and have been snoozing for the last century, you know that a website is the number one way to promote a business right now. If you have no idea how to make a website, do not try to wing it. This is crucial to your dreams coming true, so don’t try to half-ass a site. Hire a nerd to do it for you asap!
  6. Social marketing is essential to getting your name out there quickly. With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram being the most popular areas at the moment, make sure your accounts are actively being used to entice the online-obsessed audiences.
  7. Next, start building the content for all of your marketing. However, if you are incompetent or prone to many spelling and grammar mistakes, hire someone else who is more familiar with the English language to write your content for you. Nothing turns away an online customer faster than a dumb business owner. They will never trust you with their money if you can’t even spell!
  8. Set up your advertising tools, such as: Google analytics, blogs, reviews, etc. All of these begin adding traffic to your site and increase your profits.
  9. Next, make sure you are updating all of your online sources as much as possible. Nobody wants to do business with a ghost town of a website.
  10. Lastly, make sure you are giving your customers freebies all the time. Send them free videos, newsletters, educational content, discounts, etc. And, if you have no idea how to make or publish any of these things, hire a Fourerr worker today!

As the owner of a startup business you have your hands full of trying to run the new business. Let’s outsource tasks that would take a long time from you to accomplish when you can spend your valuable time on building your new business.

Good luck!

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