PayPal – Extra Protection for Sellers enabled on Fourerr

As you have seen we have now launched the re-designed website and we have introduced a number of visible new features and new in-visible features. 

One of them is that if you purchase gigs with different PayPal accounts or a PayPal account which does not carry the same e-mail address as your registered Fourerr account.


Recently we cancelled many orders from buyers that had access to fraudulent PayPal accounts. These buyers purchased gigs from sellers and they started on delivering their service as advertised. PayPal initiated an investigation and the money was then returned to the real PayPal account holder, which didn’t belong to the buyers. As a result the seller was left out of money. In order to protect our sellers, who we love, we have introduced this restriction. Sounds fair on anyone, doesn’t it!?

paypal-securityWe have been working with PayPal and we have now identified these fraudulent buyers.

We condemn such online practices but we are clearly aware that this is part of real online life. We keep on tuning our payment checks and we want to make sure that Fourerr is a safe place to purchase your services from.

The Restriction

The restriction that we have put in place is  that you as a buyer needs to register on Fourerr with the same e-mail address as your PayPal e-mail address.

We understand that many people hold a Fourerr account that has a different e-mail account, if so then contact the Helpdesk with your PayPal account and we can fix that for you.

If you see the following message after the PayPal transaction then you must update your Fourerr e-mail address:

“The email address you used on Paypal was not identified as an email address associated with your account on Fourerr. Payment will be cancelled. No transaction has occurred.”


Let us know if you have any questions and we are more then happy to help you.


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