[ANN] – Today is Special – Today is a milestone for Fourerr!

We are totally excited as today is a very special day for Fourerr. We have launched a completely newly redesigned website.

Not only the design has been changed but every single letter of code has been revised and re-written.  An absolute mammoth task!


We wanted to bring you a platform that is totally device independent.

Our iPhone and Android application were successful but these became quickly outdated. The features within these mobile applications were not the same as on the desktop and we wanted you to enjoy the same features no matter how you were accessing Fourerr.

From now onwards, Fourerr will adapt itself and you will be able to use Fourerr on the go, on any device.

The birth of the re-design dates from the end of 2012. If you check out our Facebook page from Christmas 2012 you see that Luis Serrano, better known on Fourerr as Gurutraffic indicated the problems with Fourerr and he suggested several solutions.

Check out the conversation here:


We took Luis on board and from the beginning of February 2013 after many long Skype and e-mail conversations he started the re-design.

Tweet Here – I love the new Fourerr Design 

It became quickly apparent that what he was doing was top-notch quality. The web design of the site took until August 2013 at which point we started the integration with our databases and payments gateways and adding new features. After many rounds of testing and beta testing on all different devices and a set of new servers we are very happy to let you use the newly re-designed Fourerr.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Better navigation.
  • Completely responsive web design, meaning you can access your orders from anywhere on any device.
  • A dedicated and personalised dashboard where you can manage your gigs, payments, orders, conversations and all your buyer requests.
  • Gigs are better accessible and easier to search.
  • A more secure payment gateway integration with PayPal.
  • The Fourerr helpdesk is accessible from any page.
  • Before buying, It is easier to see which seller is verified and what their gig ratings are.
  • Uploading of files for your orders or gigs on any device.
  • Full support for Video playback.

Why not congratulate the entire team with their efforts?

Tweet Here – I love the new Fourerr Design 

Do you love the new site? Do you think we can improve further?

Just leave a comment here …

Enjoy your day and the Fourerr community is absolutely amazing! You are amazing!


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