It’s almost Christmas … Let’s do something special for your buyers!

christmas inspiration

Have you seen the WestJet Video? No! Seriously you should have. WestJet setup a massive stunt that gained them millions of views on YouTube. 26 Million at the time of writing.

WestJet just wanted to do something different, something special for their customers boarding the plane. When they boarded the plane they could tell a “Virtual” Santa what they wished for. Upon arrival, not their luggage came out but what they had actually wished for.

Some people got some socks, a Galaxy S4 and even a 50 inch television.

What can you learn from this?

Surprise your customers and just like the WestJet customers they where over the moon. Think about your customers first and delight them, make them feel very special and just like WestJet they gained millions of “free” advertising.

I guess it is a little bit like myself when the Japanese Lady altered my Jacket’s zip. Read more here.

Let us know if you have seen the video and how you will be surprising the next time your buyers!

Enjoy the run up to Christmas.

Here is the WestJet video

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