I received yesterday a service worth a million dollars.

Woke up this morning, got ready, rushed out of the house, up in the train ready to open up the Fourerr offices. I arrived in London Waterloo on time and from here onwards it is another 25-minute walk. For the last few days the chill has come over London, no extreme colds as such but cold enough to close up jackets. For the last few days I have been struggling with my jacket and was unable to close it up, which is pretty annoying. I have been looking around for a new wardrobe item but that would have set me back about £150.

zipThis morning I popped into a newly opened Japanese do-it-all type of shop and with my shoulders hanging down I braved it up and asked if they could fix my zip. Sure was the answer from a friendly Japanese lady. Knowing it was already 8:40 and that I wanted to be in the office by 9am I asked how long it would take to fix and if I had to leave my jacket. I can fix this in a few minutes … was the answer. I was absolutely gob smacked, and literally I ran to the other side of the street to get some cash out of the machine and when I came back the jacket was waiting for me ready, with a fixed zip. Did this happen to you before that the service you received was like a God sent?

For me this broken zip felt that it had ruined my life for the past few days and suddenly this Japanese lady fixed my problem, my agony from days solved in a few moments. She only changed the lock of the zip and done some stitching to stop the lock from coming off.

For me this little zip, these few moments just meant the world to me.

Obviously I mentioned to the Japanese lady that she made my day and me telling her made her day as well.

I was so happy that I took some leaflets describing all the services they provide.

In actual fact I went one step further, I became someone that shouts out their services and will surely recommend them. I took a picture of the shop and I told at least two colleagues’ at the Fourerr offices on arrival.


What’s the moral of the story?

For some people certain services are so trivial to provide and for others, no matter how trivial they are they could be life changing moments.

What can you take away from this?

Don’t shy away of providing little but quality services. You might change someone’s life or business and they will keep you forever in your mind.

Always be friendly, if you are happy with what you receive leave some feedback and the seller will smile back.

You’ll never know what small services can lead up to. It can only lead to bigger things. Make sure you get the small services right and you might end up with a huge contract.


Next time I will go the extra mile and make someone smile. What about you?

One happy customer can bring in many other customers that can lead to more sales. All from one single high quality and life changing order.

Every time I pass the Japanese job and see the lady I thank her in my mind, she had delivered to me a service worth a million dollars.

It has certainly made a difference to my life and I am much warmer now.


Have you ever received a life changing service?

2 Comments on I received yesterday a service worth a million dollars.

  1. Good on you Thomas for appreciating a seemingly small service and spreading the word about it.

    It’s often said that marketing is all about creating relationships, and your experience is a good example of how they can start with a small act.

    But your story also reminds us that life itself is also about relationships, about giving and receiving, about appreciation & gratitude and about helping each other along life’s journey. It is a good story to hold in our minds as the Christmas season approaches.

    Best wishes

    • Trish,

      It certainly is all about the little things in life.

      Isn’t this a quote?: Enjoy the little things, one day you might look back and realize that they were big things.

      Have a good Christmas!

      Update to the story – I had to go back this morning to the shop as I had squeezed this same zip in between lockers! She changed it for free – a brand new one!


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