Buyers Don’t Buy from these Fourerr Sellers!

Being a Fourerr seller is a great thing, if you can play the game properly and you know what you’re doing. Every seller knows the importance of having a good relationship with buyers, offering good quality gigs and delivering on time. However, there are also sellers out there who, when it comes to making sales, don’t have a clue.

So here they are; the sellers that buyers will never buy from:

Sellers with No Previous Sales

no_salesOK, so if you’re new to Fourerr, you can’t help having no sales, but if you don’t have any orders in the queue or you don’t have any previous sales, buyers are always going to wonder about your gig quality. The best thing you can do therefore is to promote yourself like crazy on your website, blog and Facebook/Twitter profiles so that you can get current fans, friends and followers to buy your gig and get your sales rolling. By promoting your gig you are not only increasing your outreach to new customers but you are also increasing your chances of earning loads more cash.

Sellers with Bad Feedback

thumbs_down_simon_cowSellers with absolutely no good feedback will never get their gigs bought by a Fourerr buyer. That’s because no buyer wants to waste their $4 on a gig they know they’re going to be disappointed with. As a result, you need to make sure that you deliver top quality gigs 100% of the time so that you can draw in new buyers and even get repeat sales from buyers who were happy with your previous gig delivery. Another thing that can have a negative impact on your feedback is your ability to communicate with your buyers too. *ALWAYS* make sure that you are polite and quick with your responses on Fourerr and show a professional attitude towards your gig sales.

Sellers that Never Deliver on Time

just_in_timeWhen your gig says that you can deliver within 1 week, sellers that keep their buyers waiting a fortnight for their gig will never get sales. A cancelled gig means that you will lose out on money and a potential long-term buyer too. If you really think you will be unable to deliver your gigs within a certain time frame, give yourself plenty of time and be realistic about when you can deliver your gigs. Buyers are much more likely to buy from someone that has great feedback about punctuality even if they need to wait a little longer for the gig.

Sellers that Make False Promises

promisesAny seller that promises the world is very unlikely to meet expectations. Therefore, if you are offering a gig you need to be honest about what it is and how it can benefit your buyer. For example, if you’re offering SEO help, never say things like “Guaranteed to get you to the top of Google”, because your buyer will inevitably be disappointed when your SEO gig doesn’t work. Instead, be realistic about your gig benefits so that your buyers keep coming back for more.


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15 Comments on Buyers Don’t Buy from these Fourerr Sellers!

  1. hi ,so lets be practical how can fourer help new sellers tu meet there goals by increasing sales.bcz according to you its more important that we must have any reffrence of sale tu attract buyer so is,nt you fourer have any strategy tu help new sellers ….bcz m gud on other free lancing sites ….but feeling have no scoop here ….shufling or making have new catogary for new ones …any thing u can do …would be appriciatable n fruitfull for both of us

    • Hello Koolfiny,

      Thanks for your response. Love your question(s).

      You are absolutely right, there are certainly a number of things, which we are doing here to bring buyers and sellers together. We constantly advertise your services through banners, Google advertising, mobile advertising and we do the same type of marketing as we mention in the article. We are providing guest posts, we participate in online marketing forums, we comment on blogs about Fourerr, we target certain keywords that we know would be beneficial to the sellers. We are active on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. We communicate at least once with our community to promote services and categories.

      Perhaps there are a number of activities which we can do even more or even better, just like yourself we need to test the strategy first. We are looking into improving constantly.

      If you believe that we can do other things, on a bigger scale then we would love to hear that from you. After all we are here to make things work for you all. We are in this together and for the long haul.

      Enjoy the rest of your day – hope this was helpful.


  2. If this is your idea of marketing I suggest you fire your marketing person.

    • Hello Ernie,

      That would be myself 😉

      I can understand that the title might be provocative, however the actual content of the entire article is full with tips for sellers on how to become better at what they do and for buyers to find the best seller around. I can assure you that we have a lot of Top quality sellers here.

      Does this help?

      Thanks Ernie your feedback really helps.


  3. As a new seller on Fourerr, I have not received a single sale. I have promoted my gig on Facebook, as you suggested. However, I do not have a lot of followers on Facebook because Facebook advises you to accept friend requests only from people you have actually met in person. Most of my friends and family are senior citizens who do not even know how to use a computer, let alone purchase a gig on Fourerr. So, what am I supposed to do to get orders ?

    • Hello Peggy,

      It seems that you might have to broaden out your horizons. If you have a limited number of Facebook followers then these are other things that you can do or check:

      1) Create a Twitter account and start following people who might be interested in your services. For example if you provide “Graphic related gigs” then browse to “” and type in exactly like this “buy logo” -RT. This will return all the tweets that mention the exact words “Buy Logo” and that are not re-tweeted. If you are getting too many results back then add the following: “buy logo” -RT since:2013-11-11
      Once you see all the tweets you can easily follow the people who are looking to buy a logo. You can also respond to their tweet and they might be interested in your services. Be always friendly and try not to push your link everywhere.

      2) Create a free blog on WordPress or Blogger. Submit your RSS feed in your blog and then you can easily Digg your pages and you can also provide more information about your services. Why not go on Squidoo and create a Lens about your services, either link to your Fourerr services or your blog? This is very powerful. There is a Blog article here how to submit your RSS feed on your blog and where to find your RSS feed. In addition to this you can offer Guest Posts as well.

      3) Let’s now make sure that your gig is returned into the Fourerr search results. How does your Gig picture looks like? Does it really say what you have on offer? Maybe adding a Video is more powerful. What kind of keywords do you use in your Title? Have you included tags? Does your description say what you have on offer? How is your profile picture, people feel more connected with a real picture? Feel free to share your gig and we can review and perhaps tune it for you.

      4) Are you interacting with possible targeted buyers? If you offer Make-Up related services then visit blogs about make-up, be helpful and get your name out there. Over deliver and mention that you can also offer other services. Likewise for Forums, are there forums that are specific to your services? If so, then go and help people out and introduce them to your paid services.

      5) Examine the Best Selling Fourerr Gigs and see what they have in common. Is there a particular pattern? Can you learn from them? Can you adopt their approaches and integrate it with your services? (No copying)

      6) Some typical Fourerr features which you can utilize are: Featuring/Highlighting your gig and Becoming Fully Verified and be friendly when communicating.

      7) Why not offer a free bonus? Can you offer a free sample of your service? People love free stuff, ensure that you give them something that they are amazed by and that they return for the actual sale.

      Hopefully this helps getting your first sale.


  4. I am like the other the email led me believe their was a list of names of people who were scamming. I do know of one person for fact who is as I used him elsewhere and didn’t deliver and noticed he is also listed here.

    • Julia,

      We don’t have such a list.

      We value every single member on Fourerr and we know that after following these tips in this article and other articles published here that Fourerr sellers will be of high quality which is something you as a buyer deserves.

      Ps: a great website you have going.

      Enjoy your day.


  5. where are the people that we should not buy from please can i get their list

    • Hello,

      We don’t have any list and we don’t have any intention to start creating such a list. On Fourerr we tend constantly educate our sellers and we guide them towards providing quality services, on time every time. This article, like many others, illustrates what a seller can do to gain confidence from the buyers on Fourerr and to increase the quality of their service.

      We have a rigid process in place to suspend gigs that should not be purchased. Every single gig on Fourerr is of good quality and is something we can recommend.

      Does this helps?

      Perhaps it is worthwhile contacting the seller prior to purchasing and ask for references.


  6. Well very poor strategy from fourerr ,I got this email and the subject is”Myname,don’t buy from these sellers” And the first impression I got that there are few sellers on fourerr who are scam.This article definitely hit directly to seller Poor Email Strategy. Thumbs down.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for your response. There are certainly no known sellers on Fourerr that are scammers.

      The intention was to illustrate for buyers how to cherry pick the best of the best sellers.

      And on the other hand to show sellers what buyers will look out for.

      Hope that explains this a bit

      Enjoy your day


  7. Attacking your own sellers (especially those with no previous sales) is a very unintelligent strategy. It is not going to encourage those wanting to use your site to sell services.

    • Marco,

      The article is written with the seller in mind and the entire paragraph contains a list of tips and tricks to get more sales and how to act if you don’t have any sales.

      We want genuinely the best for the buyers on Fourerr and also our sellers. This article helps both sellers and buyers. On Fourerr we have a care of duty to help both types of people.

      Having no sales doesn’t mean at all that you are a bad seller, it just means that you have just started which is totally fine. Everybody needs to start somewhere.

      Buyers are intelligent enough to contact sellers first and sellers who are keen to sell will have to be responsive, communicate promptly and perhaps provide references and promote their services. They just have to make sure that they stand out.

      This is not different then the real world. A sales man without a proven track record will have to show off what he is capable of and how trust worthy he really is.

      Hopefully this helps.


      Ps: The following article has 15 tips for new sellers and what they can do to boost their sales.

      • There are contradictory statements In the reply to ek2teen, below, you state “There are certainly no known sellers on Fourerr that are scammers.”. In the article, you tell buyers that they should beware: “any seller that promises the world is very unlikely to meet expectations.” Any seller who makes false promises to sell a gig is certainly a scammer. If there are no scammers in your site, there is certainly no need to warn your buyers that there are scammers. I understand why you wrote this text, but you should never attack your own sellers. Any problems should be dealt with internally.

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