Fourerr Website Feedback … Here is the Social Proof!

Ofcourse we are using Google Analytics and we are using other statistics tools that gives us an indication how well Fourerr is doing. We are actually doing well, Alexa tracks Fourerr and indicates that Fourerr has gained about 10,000 places in the Top Most visited websites worldwide in the last few months. In the US we are currently ranking at 11,093 but what’s the importance of this?

It indicates that we are getting more visitors, that sellers on Fourerr are getting more orders and that buyers have more options. This is all very well.

But are we happy? Are buyers happy? Are sellers happy?

Are you happy?

It is a known fact that social proof is where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. Or with other words you need to have a only a few people talking about your products, services or gigs and you will gain automatically other buyers. We will dig in to this phenomenon in another blog post.

To us social proof is much more important then any other statistics. Think about it, in order to receive such a social proof people had to take a lot of actions. First they must have been satisfied, a trigger must have gone off to let people know how happy they are with Fourerr, then they need to take the action of e-mailing us (opening e-mail client) or go to our helpdesk and then writing up the feedback. In our busy lives all these actions combined do take a long time. Therefore social proof is so much more important then an anonymous number on Google Analytics.


I asked the Customer Support staff to gather natural feedback from the last 7 days that we have received spontaneously from all of you. This is what we have gathered, this is untouched material, not even a spelling checker … not a single letter has been corrected. Directly from the Fourerr buyers and sellers … This is our social proof!

Thanks To Your all Team i Like Fourerr Your site Now i Promote it in My Blogs in site its Real working Place care Customers Services Friendly Support again Thanks allot of Your all Team – rankbooster

Love your site. Stll awaiting my first sale (the first one I got, I had already completed through a different gig site and couldn’t complete again). But I was really pleased to see how quickly there were results of a ‘buy’ on your site. Awesome as opposed to other gig sites where it takes much longer to get your first gig. Keep up the good work! – awonderingdawn

“Thank you very much for your fast and efficient reply and support. I love Fourerr and as you can see from my purchase history I am a very loyal and regular client. I will continue to support and be a loyal customer of Fourerr and you have the best support team! Thank you very much and I want to say that your support staff are top class.- valdisabev”

Yes and i want to say i dont like fourerr because i love fourerr 😉 – cuongcuong93

“Thank You i Love Fourerr Your support Team are Best Caring Team Quick Reply Possitive Response Every Time i will Promote Your Site On My Blogs
Thank You
Have a Great day  – rankbooster

Oh ! Thanks I love fourerr.  –  Varinder

Reading these comments makes us happy, makes Customer Support staff happy and certainly illustrates what a great bunch of people and what a great community we have here. You guys are absolutely awesome! Thanks.

Knowing that we are having many happy and loyal people within the Fourerr community is great and that means a million times more then any visitor statistics in the world.

We are working hard on a new and improved website since many months and we are looking forward to let you use it. Keep an eye on the blog when we can announce more about this.

If you have any positive, negative feedback or if just wish to get in touch with us then feel free to do so.

Why don’t you start gathering your feedback which you get on your gigs? After all social proof has been proven the most important item to get orders and repeat sales.

You can reach us on Twitter, Facebook, E-Mail, Helpdesk or just leave a message here on the blog.

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