The Fourerr User’s Guide to Communication with Buyers and Sellers

On Fourerr we are all about creating a community – somewhere pleasant for you to visit, to chat and, most importantly,  to buy and sell. With this in mind we need to make sure that our buyers and sellers are getting the “communication” thing right.

First of all, you need to remember that Fourerr has buyers and sellers from all over the world so communicating in a particular language may be difficult. Also remember that if someone is writing to you in a language which is not their native tongue, they may make a few spelling and grammar errors. Be patient and accept that everyone here is different…and that’s what makes us great!

Order Updates

Both buyers and sellers can benefit from order updates. Sellers can update a gig order to let a buyer know the progress of the work, whereas buyers can make changes or give extra information about what they need to the seller.

Sellers: Remember that if you are going to be late with a gig delivery, then you need to update your order and let your buyer know.


Example of GOOD order update:

“Hi [insert buyer’s name here],

Just letting you know that I am half way through your [article/PowerPoint presentation/photo edit] and expect it to be delivered within 24 hours.


[Your Name]”

Example of BAD order update:

“Your [article/PowerPoint presentation/photo edit] isn’t ready yet”

Buyers: If you want to make changes to your order, do it early on and not just before the deadline. If your seller has worked hard to complete a gig and then you change your requirements, they will not be happy!

Private Messages

Just because you’re sending someone a private message that can’t be seen by the rest of the Fourerr community, it doesn’t mean you can be rude!

  • Keep the language clean please, and be polite to your fellow members.

  • Use clear instructions or ask clear questions.

  • Don’t promote other sites, products or brands and don’t share private details – it can get you banned!

Responding to Questions

If someone sends you a message asking about your gigs, feel free to respond. Just make sure your response is polite, easy to understand and actually answers the question.

Use phrases that make you seem like a really helpful person such as:

  • “Of course…”

  • “I’d be happy to help you…”

  • “Pleased to be of assistance…”

  • “Thank you for your interest…” etc.

Getting References

If you have had a few sales on Fourerr and you are trying to gather references from previous clients to boost your online reputation, all you need to do is ask!

Ask previous clients that have been happy with your work if they would provide you with a reference.

GOOD way to ask for a reference:

“Hi [insert client’s name here],

I hope you are well. I am currently looking for further online work – would you be happy to provide me with a reference please?”

BAD way to ask for a reference:

“I need a reference. Can you give me one?”


  • Always use “please” and “thank you”

  • Respond quickly

  • Proofread your messages before you send them

  • Remain polite even if the recipient is rude to you

Why don’t let us know how you communicate with other people online?

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