[ANNOUNCEMENT] – Fourerr introduces a new website

It is not world shocking news that there are many websites like Fourerr and Fiverr. Fourerr has been out there for many years (since January 2011) and is based upon a script that can be purchased by anyone.

As the owner of Fourerr I like to keep a close eye on the competition for several reasons, and I think you as a seller should do the same, keep an eye on your competitors. Don’t copy their approach but learn from their positives and try to be better by adding extra value to your customers.

Fourerr added many hundreds of enhancements in order to provide a better customer service which we pride as being one of our strengths. In addition we are doing our best to give away many free information, help all people on Fourerr as best as we can, provide you with tips and tricks on this blog in order to become a better seller, a better informed buyer or just a better human being. That’s our mission.

Today we are proud to announce that we created a free separate website which lists all Fourerr like websites. We have added 80+ active websites on here and we are still updating.

Check out now

You can find all Fourerr like sites ranked by their Page Rank. If you want to list your Micro Jobs on other websites then make sure that they have a high Page Rank as this would get you indexed in Google much quicker and gets you sales quicker, think about your keywords in your title as well!

Each Fourerr like website lists their URL, contact details, owner details, blog details and helpdesk details if available.

We are currently adding reviews of the Fourerr like websites and we could use your help. If you have used any of these sites before then we would like to know from you what their positive points are. What did you like about these Micro Job sites in particular? Why are you using them?

We are not interested in anything negative, that’s not the purpose of Actually we would like to wish all the Fourerr and Fiverr like websites out there a lot of success in their business.

Why not visit some other Fourerr Like websites today. After all if you diversify yourself you might become a better seller.

Go and check the site out and then come back to leave a comment here or just check out and leave your feedback there. The choice is yours 😉

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