Jayawa, You are a Fourerr Top Seller

We are really pleased to introduce you to Jayawa, one of our Top Sellers for July 2013. Jayawa was in our Top 10 list of best selling gigs on Fourerr. Only people with a true dedication and love for their services will be honoured in this unique list.

Congratulations Jayawa!

We have been asked several times how you can end up in this list but the only way you can be part of this list is to sell your services on Fourerr. The sellers who sell the most will end up in here. In order to become a Top seller follow our Top 15 Free Tips which will boost your Fourerr sales and you might end up in this list.

Here is the story from Jayawa and if you you are in need for some Top Social Media services then check out his gigs right now.

Charith BandaraFirst of all many congratulations on becoming  a Top Seller during July 2013! Who is Jawaya? Where do you live? What is your background?

    • Jayawa” is part of my name which means reaching to the success of life. I live in Sri Lanka and I am a Social media service provider for long time and Professional Banker at reputed Bank in my country.

Can you explain about the the type of services you have on offer? What is so special about them?

    • I deliver most of the social media services as Twitter, Facebook, youtube, reverbnation, But really like with youtube services, because of low complaints from the buyers..

How do you believe you became a Top Seller here on Fourerr? What drove you?

  • This is due to my quality of the service and fast delivery and always fast response to the buyer, Then the buyer becomes a regular client to me.

Have you always aimed to become the best? What type of service provider do you aim to be?

  • I want to be a good service provider in the Internet marketing industry and I need to work always as an honest person .. I want to give my best effort to our clients.

Do you have any tips at all for any Fourerr sellers? How do you believe that they can become a Top Seller?

  • Be honest every time and give a fast and honest response to your client, complete your duties with high quality service. Always be very kind.

There are at least 2 services of you that has pictures that stand out of the crowd – how much value do you think a picture carries in order to attract buyers? Is it important?

  • I listen to the Fourerr Podcast and a picture speaks indeed a thousand words. It gives great value and attract clients to purchase my service.

Is there anything else which you would like to share with the Fourerr readers?

  • Buy services only from most reliable sellers only. Check out the sellers who are verified or has been chosen by Fourerr in their Editors pick section.
I will add 3000+ PERMANANT Staying Twitter followers for $4

I will add 3000+ PERMANANT Staying Twitter followers for $4

I will deliver 5000+ Real youtube views + 50 likes for $4

I will deliver 5000+ Real youtube views + 50 likes for $4

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